Tuesday May 23rd 2017

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Coming Soon: Battery-Powered Z-Wave Scene Control Buttons

Being able to control your automated home from a smart phone has had a certain wow-factor, but having to unlock the phone’s screen, find the app, and then find the button on the touch screen [Read More]

Innovative Z-Wave Smoke Detectors Shown at CES 2016

The NodOn “Eye” Z-Wave smoke detector received a CES Innovation Award in the Smart Home category. The “Eye” is chamber-less, and samples smoke even before it reaches the [Read More]

Sigma Designs Announces Advanced IoT Security Measures for the Smart Home

Yahoo Finance Report (Dec. 16, 2015) – New Z-Wave SDK With Security 2 Framework Eliminates Common “Man-in-the-Middle” Attacks and Is Virtually Un-Hackable. Read the full [Read More]

Getting Personal About Z-Wave: Worried about burglars jamming your home security system? CNet takes a close look at what's possible vs what's plausible. Answer? Yes they can, but that doesn't mean your protection is vulnerable. Read it here


Ask the Expert

NEW! Ask the Expert

Q Will Yale Z-Wave deadbolt locks work with ADT Pulse systems?(Scroll down for more NEW Ask the Expert questions and answers) [Read More]

Z-Wave the Easy Way

Z-Wave Doorbell – a hardware hack

While waiting for a real Z-Wave doorbell to come to market later this year (from Philio and Aeon Labs), I’ve been searching the forums and have found several examples of [Read More]

Featured Review

Z-Wave and HomeSeer’s HS3 Control Software

HomeSeer has been a provider of home automation software and controllers since 1998, and in 2003 they became the first home automation software vendor to obtain a license for the Zensys software developer’s kit. HomeSeer software has featured Z-Wave support since the early days when there were [Read More]


Product Reviews

The Aeotec Home Energy Monitor Helps You Keep an Eye on Energy Usage

The Aeotec Home Energy Monitor Helps You Keep an Eye on Energy Usage

In the past, monitoring your home’s energy usage meant waiting for the monthly bill to arrive in the mail. Now, with the Aeotec Z-Wave Home Energy Monitor (HEM) you can monitor your energy usage in real-time. You can even monitor your energy usage from your smart phone. [Read More]

Dragon Tech WS-100 In-Wall Light Switch

Dragon Tech WS-100 In-Wall Light Switch

The build quality of the Dragon Tech WS-100 Z-Wave light switch is comparable to that of the more expensive brands.  The [Read More]

The Aeotec Minimote Revisited

The Aeotec Minimote Revisited

The strength of the Aeotec Minimote has always been its compact size, affordable price, and its ability as a primary [Read More]

The Domitech Z-Wave Smart LED Light Bulb

The Domitech Z-Wave Smart LED Light Bulb

There’s a lot to like about the Domitech Z-Wave Smart LED Light Bulb: It’s a good-looking bulb – no strange contours [Read More]

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