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Saturday February 13th 2016

In the News

Coming Soon: Battery-Powered Z-Wave Scene Control Buttons

Being able to control your automated home from a smart phone has had a certain wow-factor, but having to unlock the phone’s screen, find the app, and then find the button on the touch screen [Read More]

Innovative Z-Wave Smoke Detectors Shown at CES 2016

The NodOn “Eye” Z-Wave smoke detector received a CES Innovation Award in the Smart Home category. The “Eye” is chamber-less, and samples smoke even before it reaches the [Read More]

Sigma Designs Announces Advanced IoT Security Measures for the Smart Home

Yahoo Finance Report (Dec. 16, 2015) – New Z-Wave SDK With Security 2 Framework Eliminates Common “Man-in-the-Middle” Attacks and Is Virtually Un-Hackable. Read the full [Read More]

Getting Personal About Z-Wave: Worried about burglars jamming your home security system? CNet takes a close look at what's possible vs what's plausible. Answer? Yes they can, but that doesn't mean your protection is vulnerable. Read it here


Ask the Expert

NEW! Ask the Expert

Q Will Yale Z-Wave deadbolt locks work with ADT Pulse systems?(Scroll down for more NEW Ask the Expert questions and answers) [Read More]

Z-Wave the Easy Way

Z-Wave Doorbell – a hardware hack

While waiting for a real Z-Wave doorbell to come to market later this year (from Philio and Aeon Labs), I’ve been searching the forums and have found several examples of [Read More]

Featured Review

Z-Wave and HomeSeer’s HS3 Control Software

HomeSeer has been a provider of home automation software and controllers since 1998, and in 2003 they became the first home automation software vendor to obtain a license for the Zensys software developer’s kit. HomeSeer software has featured Z-Wave support since the early days when there were [Read More]


Product Reviews

The Domitech Z-Wave Smart LED Light Bulb

The Domitech Z-Wave Smart LED Light Bulb

There’s a lot to like about the Domitech Z-Wave Smart LED Light Bulb: It’s a good-looking bulb – no strange contours or ugly heat sink fins. It’s bright – equivalent to a 60 Watt incandescent bulb, but only consumes 9 Watts. The bulb puts out a uniform, soft [Read More]

The Aeon Labs Siren Provides Audible and Visible Alerts of System Events

The Aeon Labs Siren Provides Audible and Visible Alerts of System Events

The Aeon Labs Z-Wave Siren plugs into any household outlet and features five user-selectable audible tones and three [Read More]

Enerwave Ceiling Mounted Z-Wave Motion Sensor

Enerwave Ceiling Mounted Z-Wave Motion Sensor

I have been using an Enerwave ceiling mounted motion sensor in my system for four months now, and I have been mostly [Read More]

Fibaro Door/Window Sensor

Fibaro Door/Window Sensor

Fibaro’s door/window sensor is less than half the size of any other Z-Wave door/window sensor, and it is available [Read More]

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