Friday May 22nd 2015

What's New

Z-Wave Doorbell – a hardware hack

While waiting for a real Z-Wave doorbell to come to market later this year (from Philio and Aeon Labs), I’ve been searching the forums and have found several examples of Z-Wave doorbell hacks. [Read More]

Trane XL624 Thermostat

It has taken me awhile to get around to purchasing a Z-Wave thermostat: the programmable thermostat that came with my house was adequate; the early Z-Wave thermostats seemed too expensive, and the [Read More]

Z-Wave Rescues a Parched Houseplant

The Swiss-cheese Philodendron on top of the laundry room cabinet used to be lush and full, until I got lazy (it was a pain to get out the step ladder once a week and climb up there to water it). [Read More]

Getting Personal About Z-Wave: Worried about burglars jamming your home security system? CNet takes a close look at what's possible vs what's plausible. Answer? Yes they can, but that doesn't mean your protection is vulnerable. Read it here

On the Radar

New Oomi System looking to make Z-Wave installations true “plug and play

Aiming to make the next wave of smart home control more powerful and simpler to install, new player Fantem has announced the launch of its Oomi  “Starter Kit” soon, while funding continuing development through an Indiegogo campaign. The Starter Kit [Read More]

Fibaro hits the US market via new online retailer

Fibaro has been generating a lot of buzz in the Z-Wave sphere lately, and its first wave of products are now available in the US, via UK based Vesternet which has just set up shop in the US  (  Check [Read More]

New! Finally, a Complete Database of Z-Wave Products

Congrats to the Z-Wave Alliance for finally compiling a complete (at least the last time we looked) database of certified Z-Wave products. You can find it here:


Z-Wave the Easy Way

Fibaro RGBW Controller

With four analog channels that can be configured as inputs or outputs, the Fibaro RGBW Controller is a fascinating Z-Wave device with many potential uses around the home (or business). For my first application I just wanted to add some colored lighting under my kitchen cupboards. The RGBW [Read More]

Ask the Expert

NEW! Ask the Expert

Q Will Yale Z-Wave deadbolt locks work with ADT Pulse systems?(Scroll down for more NEW [Read More]

More Questions …

Q Can I write a rule to have a Z-Wave ADT powered light control come on a certain time [Read More]

And Even More Questions!

I understand that the Z-Wave thermostats that operate using hard wired power have the [Read More]

Featured Review

Z-Wave and HomeSeer’s HS3 Control Software

HomeSeer has been a provider of home automation software and controllers since 1998, and in 2003 they became the first home automation software vendor to obtain a license for the Zensys software developer’s kit. HomeSeer software has featured Z-Wave support since the early days when there were [Read More]


Product Reviews

Fibaro Door/Window Sensor

Fibaro Door/Window Sensor

Fibaro’s door/window sensor is less than half the size of any other Z-Wave door/window sensor, and it is available in a variety of colors: I was pleased with how well the ivory sensor blended with my home. The Fibaro door/window sensor has provision for an external [Read More]

The Aeon Labs MultiSensor

The Aeon Labs MultiSensor

The Aeon Labs MultiSensor is probably the best-looking of the currently available Z-Wave PIRs. It combines the functions [Read More]

Let There Be VeraLite

Let There Be VeraLite

It has been much too long since my last Z-Wave product review. Life got complicated when I started a local [Read More]

Schlage LiNK System Delivers

Schlage LiNK System Delivers

Introduction This review covers several devices from the Schlage LiNK product line including: Z-Wave Door Lock (now [Read More]

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