Wednesday July 30th 2014

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Z-Wave Telephone Ring Detector – a hardware hack

I like to crank up the tunes when I’m relaxing at home, but it seems that without fail, just as I’m getting into a song, the phone rings. Then I have to rush to find the remote and hit [Read More]

Trane XL624 Thermostat

It has taken me awhile to get around to purchasing a Z-Wave thermostat: the programmable thermostat that came with my house was adequate; the early Z-Wave thermostats seemed too expensive, and the [Read More]

Z-Wave Rescues a Parched Houseplant

The Swiss-cheese Philodendron on top of the laundry room cabinet used to be lush and full, until I got lazy (it was a pain to get out the step ladder once a week and climb up there to water it). [Read More]

Getting Personal About Z-Wave: 7/1/2014 We interview Aartech's Robert Mowles for a closeup look at Z-Wave through a Canadian lens[read more]

On the Radar

CES 2014 The Z-Wave Zone

by Gary Muhlestein -  My brother and I like to get together and go to CES at least every other year.  It’s just a few hours’ drive away, and we both love gadgets, so we pay our own way, and [Read More]

New! Finally, a Complete Database of Z-Wave Products

Congrats to the Z-Wave Alliance for finally compiling a complete (at least the last time we looked) database of certified Z-Wave products. You can find it here:

Some Advice About Entry Level Systems

A recurring question I get here goes like this:  I’m looking for ways to get into an entry level system. What do you recommend? This is very open ended, so here are a handful of suggestions. Start with this link: [Read More]


Z-Wave the Easy Way

LED Light Strip for Your Coat Closet – A How-To

A few years ago my wife asked for a light in the hall coat closet, and since I was excited at the time about the new LED lights that were becoming available, I decided the coat closet might be a good place for an LED light strip. I would install the light strip vertically along [Read More]

Ask the Expert

NEW! Ask the Expert

Q I have a large garage and workshop in a metal sided and roofed building. Will z wave [Read More]

More Questions …

Q Can I write a rule to have a Z-Wave ADT powered light control come on a certain time [Read More]

And Even More Questions!

I understand that the Z-Wave thermostats that operate using hard wired power have the [Read More]

What is Z-Wave?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Z-Wave two-way? Most Z-Wave products are two-way, allowing wall-mounted controllers and software to be aware of whether lights are on/off or dimmed throughout a network. We can even report the lighting intensity level for an individual device. This means when you push a button on a wall-mounted [Read More]


Product Reviews

The Aeon Labs MultiSensor

The Aeon Labs MultiSensor

The Aeon Labs MultiSensor is probably the best-looking of the currently available Z-Wave PIRs. It combines the functions of motion sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, and light sensor into a single package. The MultiSensor can be powered either by internal battery [Read More]

Let There Be VeraLite

Let There Be VeraLite

It has been much too long since my last Z-Wave product review. Life got complicated when I started a local [Read More]

Schlage LiNK System Delivers

Schlage LiNK System Delivers

Introduction This review covers several devices from the Schlage LiNK product line including: Z-Wave Door Lock (now [Read More]

Easily Monitor Your Windows, Doors, and More

Easily Monitor Your Windows, Doors, and More

Product Features The Aeon Labs Z-Wave enabled Magnetic Window / Door Sensor is an extremely compact and sleek [Read More]

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