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January 14, 2008

I would like to get started with Z-Wave. Can I use just a Harmony 890 remote and a Z-Wave light switch, or do I need an additional controller? 
Yes you can use a Harmony 890 remote and a single Z-Wave switch or dimmer to get started. You would then be able to add more devices if you choose.

Are there any issues with using Z-Wave switches in an unheated garage in Northern Michigan where it gets VERY cold?
Most Z-Wave devices are intended for use in climate-controlled areas. The cold should not cause a problem until you get well below freezing. Most consumer electronics are good down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Check with the specific manufacturer for exact specifications.

I am in the UK. Can I convert your products for use here?
You cannot convert North American products for use in the UK as they use a different frequency – 908 MHz vs. the 868 MHz that is used in Europe. You can buy Z-Wave products for use in the UK from many of European-based Z-Wave Alliance members. Check out Automated Home for local product availability.

When will Z-Wave come to China? When I use ZigBee at home, I always get interference from the WLAN, which also works on 2.4 GHz. Will Z-wave solve this problem?
Z-Wave has not been awarded a frequency for China as yet. There is hope that China will open up the sub 1-GHz band for home control so we can get away from WiFi interference. Depending on this frequency becoming available or on Zensys’ new P400 chip that will work at 2.4 GHz, we hope to see Z-Wave products in China sometime in 2008.

I want to automate some lights using Z-Wave products. The problem is with the explosion of fluorescent lights/bulbs (and even the compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) products), it seems that the dimming features of Z-Wave products (and others) cause problems or just won’t work. What Z-Wave products work with CFLs? I know Z-Wave appliance modules will work, but I’m wondering about switches. Is there a list of CFL compliant Z-Wave products?
All of the Z-Wave enabled switches will work with CFL loads. The incompatibility comes into play when you dim this type of load. Most CFLs are not dimmable and as you point out the ones that are hard to find and expensive. Some of the Z-Wave dimmers are rated for electronic loads and may work with the dimmable CFLs but I strongly suggest you call the dimmer manufacturer and check the specific interaction with the dimmable CFL you are considering, as they are all different.

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