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Get Started! Z-Wave the Easy Way

Enjoy the Benefits of Z-Wave Living!

Security. Comfort. Energy management. Control. It’s what everyone wants at home, and it’s easy to do. But how do you get started? ZWaveWorld technology editor, David Powell, has put together this easy-to-follow guide that will walk you through the steps of setting up a basic configuration using the Hawking HomeRemote Pro Kit, a Wayne-Dalton Thermostat, and the Wayne-Dalton Car2U System. Having installed and tested each product in his own home, David will take you through the process step by step.

First, using the Hawking HomeRemote Pro Kit, we’ll show how to install and use your home network controller. Then we’ll add a Wayne-Dalton thermostat to the network for an application with immediate payback. Finally, we’ll show how a Wayne-Dalton Car2U System can make home security a one-button operation, managing your home safety lighting from your car.

Get Started with Hawking HomeRemote Pro Kit

By David Powell

I’m installing a wireless gateway so I can control Z-Wave devices and fixtures in my house using my computer as well controlling some functions from my smart phone. When done I should be able to receive alerts on my phone when my front door is opened as well as have my lights turn off and on automatically at dawn and dusk. I will also install a Wayne Dalton Bridge device so I
can control Z-Wave scenes using my existing garage door remote. The remote will still open and close the garage door but it will also trigger some preset Z-Wave scenes such as Welcome Home and Away.
The Hawking HomeRemote Pro Kit is an ideal solution for homeowners who want to get their feet wet in home automation. However, as with most electronic devices not everything goes as smoothly as you would like. But, if you follow this guide carefully, you’ll have your Hawking HomeRemote Pro Gateway and Z-Wave compatible device up and running in only a few minutes. Hint: Click images to enlarge 


The Hawking HomeRemote Pro Kit (HRPS1) comes bundled with:


  • Hawking HomeRemote Pro Wireless Gateway ($179)
  • Hawking HomeRemote Door Sensor ($49.99)
  • Hawking HomeRemote Dimming Lamp Module ($49.99)


Included with the kit is a free three-month trial offer of Hawking’s remote home monitoring system. No credit card is required for the trial. The home monitoring system allows you to check on your home via wireless cameras and Z-Wave devices from anywhere there is an Internet connection available.

Hardware Setup

To ensure a smooth installation, perform the following steps before attempting to run the HomeRemote Setup Wizard.


Tools Needed


  • Philips screwdriver
  • 6 foot extension cord (optional)


HomeRemote Pro Wireless Gateway


The Hawking HomeRemote Gateway is a Plug and Play device. The HomeRemote Pro Kit comes with everything you will need to connect the Gateway to your existing router including an ethernet cable and power adapter. NOTE: The order in which you connect your cables is important.

Step 1: Connect  one end of the ethernet cable to an open port on your router then connect the other end of the cable to your Hawking HomeRemote Pro Wireless Gateway.



Step 2: Plug the provided 12v DC power adapter into the Hawking HomeRemote Pro Wireless Gateway. At this time you should see one or more LEDs lit on your gateway.



HomeRemote Door Sensor


Step 1: Remove the Phillips style screw holding the battery cover in place.

Step 2: Insert 3- AA batteries in the orientation indicated in the battery compartment.

Step 3: Replace the battery cover and insert the Phillips style screw to secure the cover.


HomeRemote Dimming Lamp Module


Simply plug the lamp module into an electrical outlet within 5 feet of the HomeRemote Gateway. An extension cord can be used to make meeting the 5 foot requirement easier. Nothing else needs to be done at this time. Plugging a lamp into the module is optional.

Setup Wizard


Accessing the Wizard


Navigate to using any web browser with an Internet connection. This is a web site hosted on Hawking’s web servers, which allows you to remotely set up and control your Hawking HomeRemote Wireless Gateway.


Click “Create New Account” in the lower right corner.
Read the Terms and Conditions then
Click “I ACCEPT the Terms and Conditions”



Walking Through the Wizard


After agreeing to the terms and conditions the Setup Wizard prompts you to double check that your hardware is configured properly. It will then ask you some general questions about your hardware and your home and attempt to establish a connection to the HomeRemote Wireless Gateway.


The Introduction page is an overview of what is to follow.
Click “Next” to continue
The “Hardware Connection” page provides you with a detailed diagram for connecting your HomeRemote Wireless Gateway to your existing Router.
Click “Next” to continue
Fill out the “Create a New Account” form with your information. This information can be changed after the installation is completed.
Click “Next” to continueNote: Host can be any name without spaces. This is the name of this particular HomeRemote Wireless Gateway.
The “Software Updates” page will check the current version of your firmware and update the firmware if it is not the most recent version.
Clic‘Check for Upgrades” to continue
Click “Upgrade Firmware” to continue
A dialogue box will be displayed warning you NOT to unplug the gateway from power or ethernet connection during the upgrade.
Click “OK” to continue
This page is displayed while the firmware upgrade is performed.
A confirmation page is displayed after the firmware upgrade.
Click “Next” to continue
Select your time zone in the “Clock Setup” page andclick “Next.”
The Area/Room Setup page allows you to create names that represent rooms in your home. The room names are further categorized by section, such as First Floor or Basement.Fill in the “Area/Room Name” field and Click “Add Area/Room”
Click “Next when you are finished adding names.
The next page provides an excellent video tutorial explaining the remainder of the wizard. All that is left now is to add a device to your network.
Click “Detect Modules” and then press the program button on your device as shown in the video on the previous page.NOTE: If you are having trouble adding devices try unplugging the power to your HomeRemote Wireless Gateway and plugging it back in. If you still have problems contact Hawking’s Tech Support at 1-888-202-3344.
After a device is added a configuration panel will appear allowing you to further configure the device. When you are finished adding devices Scroll down the page and Click the “Check Connection” button.
Here I have added the Wayne-Dalton Thermostat which I will show you how to install in our next How-To. The configuration panel for the device allows you to click the image to select a more appropriate icon which better represents the device.When you are finished adding devices Scroll down the page and Click the “Check Connection” button.
Clicking “Check Connection” will tell the gateway to perform a test. This test ensures all the devices are working properly. Click “Next” to complete the Setup Wizard.
Congratulations! You have completed the Setup Wizard.
The final step is activating your free three-month trial of HomeRemote Pro Remote Monitoring System.Fill in the Promo Code which is “Launch1,” thenClick the Blue button titled “Continue your three-month Free Trial without Obligation”




Controlling Devices


Now that you have finished added rooms and device through the easy to follow setup wizard you can start controlling your devices. On the left side of the web page select a room which a device you want to control is in. Then select the device that you want to control. For example here I am controlling the Wayne-Dalton thermostat which I installed during the setup wizard.

Wayne-Dalton Thermostat Controls


Hawking Tech Support 

HomeRemote Pro Tech Support: 888-202-3344
HomeRemote Pro Tech Support Email:
HomeRemote Pro Customer Service: 888-662-8828
Pro-Level Billing, Customer Service and Support: 877-466-6744
Cell Link Mobile Phone Service Support: 877-466-6744


What’s Next? 

Now that you’ve learned about home control, you can move on to home comfort. Follow the link below to learn how to install a Wayne-Dalton Thermostat.

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