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November 7, 2009

Is it possible to control Z-Wave products by a third-party control device?

Yes, it is possible to control Z-Wave products with non Z-Wave controllers with a couple of pieces of hardware in between. I have used the Phillips Pronto in several automation projects and it works seamlessly. Here is the piece of equipment that tied the Pronto in with the Bitwise BC4 controller. The BitWise ties into something like a PRO-100 Controller, which is the black box of the system. The PRO100 lets you use most of the current automation technologies on the market — allowing one technology to control another.

If I have the Logitech 900 (new version of the 890) how can I control ceiling fans and the lights for them? Is there a simple way to do this? I’m new to the remote but want this ability. But before I spend the money on the ceiling fans I want to know they will work.

The Logitech 900 is not Z-Wave compatible according to Logitech. The only remotes in the Logitech line that are Z-Wave compatible are the 890, 890PRO, 1000, and the 1100. The issue with the 1000 and 1100 are they only talk to the Logitech RF Extender — nothing else with Z-Wave. The 890 and 890PRO will speak to 15 devices according to Logitech. I am not aware of one device that will control both the light and fan speed. Leviton has the VRF01-1L. This device is a three-speed fan control but it will not control the light. If you are looking for a Z-Wave A/V Remote Control you might want to look at the GE 45608 Home Theater Remote with Z-Wave Lighting Control might be a better fit. This remote has been on the market for six months now and definitely works better in the Z-Wave world.

I need to install a lock in a remote location with event reporting capabilities. There’s no power, telephone, or internet available on site. What does the Z-Wave system need to communicate with a cell phone?

Schlage now has Z-Wave locks that have been out on the market for a number of months. Black & Decker announced its locksets at CEDIA. The B&D locksets will be both Z-Wave and ZigBee compatible. But you’ll have the same issue with either manufacturer’s LockSet. You’ll need some kind of Internet connection and power to be able to communicate with a cell phone. Schlage uses a bridge and a website that will let you access the lock or get e-mail notifications if the door is opened or accessed.

I live in Australia and have been waiting for a cheap wireless DIY automation technology to appear here for years. You said that you expected Z-Wave products to appear in Australia in mid-2008. Is there a company now selling Australian compatible Z-Wave products?

Australian Z-Wave has not quite materialized yet. I met the gentlemen from Portus at CES2008. Looking at the site, I don’t see that much has changed since the spring of 2008. I was talking with someone within Schlage and they were telling me that Australia was on the list for the Schlage Link products. If this is the case, then this would be a big push for Z-Wave in Australia. We’ll post more information as we learn about new developments in Australia.

Just getting started with Z-Wave? Watch this video to understand what you can do with the Z-Wave Technology.

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