Saturday April 29th 2017


And Even More Questions!

Q  I understand that the Z-Wave thermostats that operate using hard wired power have the ability to repeat messages…do any of them also have \”beaming\” capabilities? If so, could you provide a few examples of models that do \”beam\” and some examples of some that dont?

A  Z-Wave devices with firmware versions 5.02, 5.03 or 4.52 or 4.54 are all capable of beaming: Here are a couple of thermostats that have the correct firmware:

2GIG CT100 Z-Wave Programmable Thermostat

Trane TZEMT400AB32MA Z-Wave Thermostat

RCS TZ45 Z-Wave Thermostat

The controller also needs to have firmware that is capable of beaming.

Q  I came across some CA3500 split receptacles and need some help selecting a controller for these units. I have a HA07 but I can not determine if or how to add the CA3500 to the Z-wave network. Any assistance will be most appreciated. Any links to programming manual for the CA3500, all I can find is the installation manual.

A  Here is a link to the CA3500 Receptacles:

Q  How do I pair my samsung stratosphere (android 4g) to a GE/Jasco wireless camera 45256t?

 A  The Camera you have below is not Z-Wave but IP. Here is a link that will help:



I’m looking to set up a Z-Wave home automation system. However, I can’t seem to find anything to control electric baseboard heaters. Is this something that is not possible or should I look at a different technology?

You might consider taking a look at the 2Gig Z-Wave multi-stage thermostat. It’s 100 percent compatible with all popular residential HVAC systems; 24VAC single, two stage conventional heating systems (gas/oil/electric), heat pumps, single stage or with auxilliary heat (electric or fossil), zoned forced air and zoned hot water (2 or 3 wire), millivolt systems (with 24VAC adapter), one or two stage cooling, and hybrid systems. Then take a look at the installation manual for more details on how to set it up.

Are there Z-Wave switches that can handle 10 to 30 amperes?

Are you utilizing US(908.42) or EU(848.42) Z-Wave? Start with the EU Frequency. The appliance modules are rated at 10 amps general use. For US(908.42) Frequency here’s a good starting place. All relay switches are rated at 15 amps minumum. There are devices that are rated at 20 amps and others at 30 amps.

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