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Q  Will Yale Z Wave deadbolt locks work with ADT Pulse?

A Here is the link for the approved devices: http://www.adtpulse.com/home/how-pulse-works/approved-devices. KwikSet Lock are the only  Z-Wave Locks: http://www.smarthome-products.com/m-79-kwikset.aspx  on the approved list, You should probably contact ADT and find out their plan for adding the manufacturer’s  to their approved device list. As Locks are more complicated than other devices I would not try to add a non-approved lock to the system.


Q  I have a large garage and workshop in a metal sided and roofed building.  Will Z-Wave devices communicate from my next door home?  If not, is there a possibility of a hardwire connection to link the two buildings?


A  How far is the garage and workshop away from the house? How big is the house? Where do you want to put the controller in the house? How many devices do you want to control in the house and workshop? Depending on the answers to the questions above then it could be yes. The following devices are used to extend the range in large installations:


IP2SL – Ethernet to Serial Adapter



WF2SL – Wifi to Serial Controller




Q  I have a Vera2 controller that has worked flawlessly. I have a separate structure no more than 40 feet away. There are 2 Z-Wave switches right next to the door. I unpaired and re-paired the switch In the work shed and I cannot get the shop light to work. Any suggestions?


A   Without knowing the material composition of the structures or when you say 40 feet – is that line of sight or something else? Are you using the internal Z-Wave chip or an Aeon Labs Z-Stick? If you are using the internal Z-Wave Chip you might try the Aeon Labs Z-Stick instead.


Q  I have the ADT Pulse system in my home. I really want the Z-Wave deadbolt by Schlage. Is there any way to use that deadbolt (instead of the ugly Kwikset) with ADT Pulse? I have purchased the Schlage unit but cannot seem to figure out how to add it to my system despite a reviewer online who claims to have added it to a Pulse system.


A  Currently the Schlage Locks are not on the approved vendor devices for ADT. The basic subset of commands for the lock should work, however. Did you follow the instructions for adding the lock? It did not add to the system? If not – Did you try removing the lock first? Sometimes z-wave devices come with network codes right from the factory and then add it.


Q: Can I control music with Z-Wave products? Not just on/off, but control volume and change tracks etc…


A: Currently I am not aware of any audio/video equipment manufacturers that have Z-Wave chips included in their equipment. You might want to look at the Square Connect SQ Blaster Plus SQB003-B WiFi to Infrared Controller: http://smarthome-products.com/p-3867-square-connect-sq-blaster-plus-sqb003-b-wifi-to-infrared-controller.aspx or Global Cache : http://smarthome-products.com/m-23-global-cache.aspx



Q:  I have an ADT Pulse installation. I have one wireless smoke heat detector provided by ADT on the system. 

How can I tie my existing 8 smoke detectors in the house to the Pulse system?  

Right now, the only smoke detector that will alert ADT is the one they provided me.  But if a fire starts on the other side of the house, I would like my existing 8 hard wired smoke detectors to also alert ADT.

A: Depending on the particular panel ADT installed in your home the 8 hardwired smoke detectors should be able be to wired into the panel easily. The panel should allow wireless and wired devices The wireless smoke detector installed by ADT, by the way,  is not Z-Wave.

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We would like to view and control our driveway gate from a device such as our smart phones. Does Z-Wave offer such a solution? 


Yes Z-Wave is accessible from your IPad or smarthphone.   Systems from Homeseer, Micasaverde’s Vera, and the Schlage Link system all offer smartphone and iPad controls. I expect we’ll see much more of this as the year goes on.






I am looking for something that will turn my  my z-wave lights off and on when someone rings the door bell or when the phone rings.


Here’s one solution:  The MIMOlite Wireless/Bridge Interface Module; The MIMOlite Module is an interface / bridge module, capable of converting a wired or wireless input to a wired or wireless output.            The MIMO is a Z-WaveTM Wireless device compatible with other Z-WaveTM certified products.  MIMOlite comes in a plastic enclosure for indoor use only.




Does Z-Wave have the equivalent to an X10 Powerhouse Interface Module PSC01 (low voltage switch input triggers signal to turn on lights)?


Yes, MIMOlite  (see above) is one. MIMOlite Interface/bridge Module Z-wave


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How do Z Wave switches, sensors and Dimmers consume power.? Do they have a replaceable battery, or do we have to externally provide DC power or they consume from the AC circuit.?


Switches don’t need batteries. Sensors: http://www.smarthome-products.com/s-21-sensors.aspx can be powered but most of them use batteries if they are battery powered the sensors will not participate in the routing table in the mesh network.


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Are any of the z-wave hand held remotes compatible with

ADT’s system?


You might want to take a look at the GE/Jasco Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control Advanced Remote:





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I have a Nexia home automation system and I want to use a Verizon rc8021 camera with it. What can you tell me?


The manufacturer of the camera flashes the firmware of the this device for Verizon, Schlage, and ADT. For the Verizon camera to work with the Nexia it would need to be reflashed. You can try using the camera without reflashing it and see what happens.


Here is a link you might find helpful:





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I’m new to z-wave and just bought the Vera Lite plus a motion sensor and a door sensor to be used in Egypt , just knew about the different frequencies . not sure if it’s going to work here in Egypt or not , i didn’t receive it yet but i just wanted to ask ahead of time .


Z-Wave operates on a variety of sub-GigaHertz frequencies throughout the world:


Australia: 921.42 MHz

China: 868.42 MHz

CEPT*: 868.42 MHz

India: 865.22 MHz

Japan: 951-956 MHz

Hong Kong: 919.82 MHz

Malaysia: 868.10 MHz

New Zealand: 921.42 MHz

Singapore: 868.42 MHz

UAE: 868.42 MHz

USA/Canada: 908.42 MHz

Brazil: 908.42 MHz


*CEPT is the European regional organization dealing with postal and telecommunications issues and presently has 45 Members: Albania, Andorra, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, San Marino, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom and Vatican.


The data rate that Z-Wave operates at is 9.6K and 40K


I have an ADT Pulse and have successfully added a number of devices – most not supported by ADT. However, I am now unable to include a HA01 Intermatic receptacle after successfully installing three others. The Pulse is not including the last two I am trying to install. Any help would be appreciated.


Was the HA01C receptacle in another network? If so, using the ADT controller, delete it from the network. If it wasn’t on another network I would try the same thing, as I have seen devices from multiple manufacturer’s have a Network ID from the factory. A good rule to follow is if a device cannot be added to a system, try deleting it first and then try adding it again.



I want to control outlets as a way to stop out of control kids from using electronics while we are sleeping.
The only receptacles I can find include an unswitched outlet.  Is there a receptacle with only switched outlets?  Or is there some other way to accomplish my goal?

Currently all Z-Wave Receptacles http://www.smarthome-products.com/s-44-receptacles.aspx only control 1 outlet – here are a couple of devices that you might be a solution:



How do I get my Z-Wave Kwikset deadbolt smartcode lock to work with my cell phone and also a remote control. I don’t want to automate anything 

Option one is the Schlage Link: http://www.smarthome-products.com/p-1246-schlage-be369gr-619-z-wave-deadbolt-lock-kit-satin-nickel.aspx  this  comes with a door lock,  a dimmer module and the bridge( which allows you to access the devices from the Internet or your smartphone) –  subscription price is $ 8.99 a month currently.
 Option two is the Vera by MiCasaVerde : http://www.smarthome-products.com/p-1261-vera-z-wave-home-automation-controller.aspx  if you haven’t seen the video take a look. 
Option three is HomeSeer: http://www.smarthome-products.com/productspecs/HOMESEERComparasion1106.mht  Option two and three have no subscription fees.  Each option has its pluses and minuses. Take a look at the Hometroller-SE : http://www.smarthome-products.com/p-1501-homeseer-hometroller-se-home-automation-controller.aspx

I have several z-wave lighting devices that I have used with my Harmony remote for several years.  I recently got a Mi Casa Verde Vera home controller to be able to utilize iPhone app control and notification over things like z-wave enabled sump pump alarms.  When I was setting up the Vera, I noticed that pairing my lights with the home controller eliminated the pairing with the harmony remote.  I thought I read that z-wave devices can have multiple controllers that are paired with them.  Is this true and am I perhaps doing something wrong?


Each Z-Wave Network can only have one primary controller:


Simply the primary controller is a device that contains a description of the Z-Wave network and is used for:


–          Inclusion -adding new devices to the network

–          Exclusion– removing devices from the network

–          Association – creating links between two or more devices so they can exchange information or commands

–          Replication – receiving and transferring network information from or to other controllers.


Z-Wave Networks can have multiple secondary controllers: A controller that has the functionality of a primary controller but with one limitation; it cannot include or exclude nodes from the Z-Wave system.


Do you have Harmony Standard or Harmony Pro Remote controller? The issue with the Logitech is that it doesn’t play well with others – the 890 is only a primary controller and cannot have secondaries – the 890Pro can act as a secondary or primary but only with another 890Pro.


What do I need to set up remote control of lighting, thermostats and door locks via the internet or an Android phone?


ADT Pulse, GE Security and now Honeywell are entering that market. Each system and platform has its pluses and minuses depending on what you are trying to accomplish. I use HomeSeer for remote lighting. Vera by Micasaverde and the Schlage Link are also available. And there are also the security panels with Z-Wave including 2Gig Technologies.



Are there any Z-Wave on/off switches that would work with metal halide lights? I tried a Jasco/GE switch but after wiring it up it never successfully turned on the light.

That depends on what size breaker are controlling the lights you want to turn on and off. Depending on the size of the circuit there a couple of options you might want to explore:

15 Amp:

Leviton VRS15-1LZ – Vizia-RF + 15A Relay Switch for Single Pole/3-Way

20 Amp:


Evolve LFM-20 – 20A Z-Wave Relay Fixture Module

30 Amp:

Intermatic InTouch CA3750 Contactor Module


I’m looking to control a Jaccuzi tub motor. Is there a 20Amp in wall Z-Wave Timer Relay/Switch?

Currently there is not a Z-Wave Timer Relay Switch on the market. You possible might look at the following devices:

Evolve LFM-20 – 20A Z-Wave Relay Fixture Module

Intermatic InTouch CA3750 Contactor Module


I have a ZW4101 installed to my ADT pulse system and I can control it from the web remotely. I bought a GE GE45600 wireless lighting Z-Wave remote control and went through the pairing process, but every time I pressed the button from the device, it doesn’t seem to be talking to my remote so my remote will time out (it blinks red twice at the end) Do you know what might be the issue here?

It appears that you have made the GE 45600 Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control Remote a secondary controller on the Pulse network according to the instructions. Please look at pages 9 thru 12.


Could you tell me the power consumption while sending or receiving data with a Z-Wave device?

The power consumption is negligible. Take a look at the HSM100-EU 868 Z-Wave Multi-Sensor. This sensor operates on 3 AAA batteries and reports status for illumination, temperature and battery every hour by default. In my network I have the sensors reporting every 6 minutes as I utilize the illumination level to control the lights. I get between 12 and 14 weeks out of a set of batteries. If you increase the reporting interval to between 24 and 30 minutes the batteries last a year.


I want to use sensory software as a controller for Z-Wave with our USB Z-Wave transmitter. Can I also use another handheld Z-Wave controller in the same network?

What Z-wave USB Stick are you using for your Primary controller? What Sensory software are you utilizing? In Z-Wave you have a primary controller and can have multiple secondary controllers within the network. The primary controller is the device that is used to build the network and/or add devices to the network. Secondary controllers are added to the network then the network information is sent to the secondary controller from the primary controller. When the primary controller is updated (with new devices) the secondary controller should be updated to keep the controllers in-sync.

Will a Wayne Dalton Z-Wave garage door opener work with either a Micasaverde or Schlage Link bridge?

The Wayne -Dalton devices will work with Vera and possibly the Schlage Link system unless you’re referring to the I-Drive system.

I have Hunter Douglas vertical Luminette blinds with IR controls. I’d like to make these operate by RF. What do you have to offer? Is the DBMZ the right device for this?

Either of the devices should work:

ESI ABMHZ – Z-Wave Enabled Window Treatment Motor Control – AC

ESI DBMZ – Z-Wave Enabled Window Treatment load monitoring DC Motor Control

If you are using the CTZUS-1US ThinkStick USB Z-Wave Interface I would look at the following as remotes:

Leviton VRCPG-SG Vizia RF+ Z-Wave Remote Control with Timers

Leviton VRCPG-BSG Vizia RF + Basic Proqrammer/Controller

As this is all Leviton it should be fairly easy to incorporate either of these remotes into the system.

I’d like to know if I can use the GE 45601 Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Advanced Remote Control to control my light switches which is 868.42 MHz the European Z-Wave?

Here are a couple of handheld remotes to look at that will work for you:

Aeon Labs DSA03202B-ZWEU Minimote-EU – Black

Homepro ZTH200 Z-Wave Handheld Controller, (Euro)

I’m about to order Hunter Douglas silhouette shades. I want to control them with my iPhone so I can open and close them from a remote location. I also want to grow my Z-Wave network to control some lamps and heating too — all via my iPhone. The shades and a few lamps are the priority, though, what do I need to do to get started?

With Z-Wave devices you can build and expand your network as much as you want. Watch this video for examples of how to get started. For your immediate needs you can either try Vera by MiCasaVerde or HomeSeer. These options have no subscription fees. You might start by reviewing theses two options and then map out what you want to automate today and in the future – build your wish list, then go back review the options again.


I have a Trane Z-Wave thermostat. It was originally used on another Z-Wave network. I am trying to pair it to my current Z-Wave network, but it still shows as paired with the old one. I have tried powercycling, restoring factory defaults in the hidden technicians menu, and unpairing using my Z-Wave system. No matter what, the thermostat interface still shows as paired with the old system. Is there a way around this?

It depends on what systems you are working with. A Z-Wave device can only exist in one network at a time. When a device is added to a network the HomeId from the primary controller and the Id on the device’s Z-Wave Chip are combined to created a unique Id, which allows you to control the device. In the manual for the Trane thermostat see page 16 for the Z-Wave Inclusion and Removal. The Thermostat needs to be removed/reset from the network before it can be added to the new network. This can be done with any primary controller.


I am building out my ADT security system with additional Z-Wave devices. I just discovered my foyer chandelier is operable from four separate switches. Is there such a thing as a five-way switch?

The Leviton Line of Z-Wave supports a five-way setup depending on the kind of light your chandelier is.


Companion Switch/Led

Companion Switch/No Led



Companion Switch/Led

Companion Switch/No Led


I have a sump pump in my basement and I was wondering if there were any Z-Wave products with a set of contacts that if they had power applied to them (a float switch closing and allowing power to go through) could send a signal alerting me.

There are a number of devices either on the market or due out this quarter that could accomplish what you are asking about. Are you currently running a  Z-wave system? Depending on what system/controller you are using will help determine the applicable solutions.


I have a Honeywell Vista 20 that I need to work with a door lock (Schlage Wireless Keypad Lever). How would I go about this?

The Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 is the company’s entry into Z-Wave. There are a number of ways to tie the Vista 20P into other automation systems allowing you utilize the Z-Wave technology (door looks, lighting, climate control) and the security panel together.


Are there any Z-Wave outlets available that support dimming? I want to install track lighting on the ceiling and control it with Z-Wave but the only option I see at this point is to install an outlet and plug in a big Z-Wave dimmer box and then plug the track lighting into that.

Currently there are no Z-Wave dimming receptacles on the market. At CES 2011 there were a number of manufacturer’s that were showing in-line modules. One of the modules on display was a dimming module, but I have not seen them come to market yet.


Is Z-Wave appropriate for a small apartment building? We have an 11-unit building and are looking at Z-Wave for entry control with video. We need to activate the entry door remotely from each unit. We would also like to be able to change the door lock combinations from our office. Can we have access to some features by each tenant and other features only available to the office?

Yes Z-Wave can be appropriate for small apartment buildings. Evolve Guest Controls are installed at the Wynne Hotel in Las Vegas, which has over 65,000 devices in 8000 + guest rooms.


How do I pair my GE 45606 light switch to me MCC AVL 300 remote?

The instructions for the AVL 300 remote will show you how the 45606 Dimmer Switch should pair/include in the network the same way, using the same procedure as IWD 600 Dimmer. If the device doesn’t pair/include, unpair/exclude the 45606 dimmer from the network then pair it again.

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