Sunday June 17th 2018


New Oomi System looking to make Z-Wave installations true “plug and play

oomiAiming to make the next wave of smart home control more powerful and simpler to install, new player Fantem has announced the launch of its Oomi  “Starter Kit” soon, while funding continuing development through an Indiegogo campaign. The Starter Kit consists of a Cube, a Tablet, and wireless wall plug, configurable to control any Z-Wave device.  Featuring proprietary Tap-and-Touch™ technology for  setup and configuration of any home automation system, Oomi instantly recognizes all system accessories and sensors without the need for programming. For users, this means that when an Oomi device is “tapped” with the Oomi Touch tablet, it is immediately recognized and options for set-up, configuration and information specific to that device (including tutorials and videos) are displayed right on the screen of the Touch tablet. System pricing is expected to range from roughly $400 to $700.


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