Tuesday May 23rd 2017


Innovative Z-Wave Smoke Detectors Shown at CES 2016

The NodOn “Eye” Z-Wave smoke detector received a CES Innovation Award in the Smart Home category.

NodOn Eye Z-Wave Smoke Detector

The “Eye” is chamber-less, and samples smoke even before it reaches the detector. It is based on a new smoke detection technology that uses two LEDs: an infrared LED that first detects an obstruction, and a blue LED that then qualifies whether the obstruction is smoke or not. This results in greater accuracy and earlier detection of smoke. The “Eye” recognizes different types of smoke and fumes and distinguishes nuisance sources, such as cooking aerosols, from fire smoke. False alarms are a thing of the past. The chamber-less design also results in a smaller, less conspicuous device. A total of eleven patents attest to the level of innovation that went into the development of the Eye.

Many Z-Wavers have been asking if there exists a Z-Wave smoke detector that can be used to retrofit existing wired smoke detectors. The problem with developing a replacement for a wired detector has been that all wired smoke detectors do not share a common wiring connector. Nortek Security and Control solves that problem with a new Z-Wave smoke detector ring that fits under the base of an existing wired smoke detector.

Nortek Wired Smoke Detector

The advantage that those existing smoke detectors have in being wired together is that when one detector detects smoke, all of the other smoke detectors in the circuit sound an alarm as well. Consequently, when upgrading a wired smoke alarm system to Z-Wave with the Nortek smoke detector, only one Z-Wave detector base is needed, and you could mount it under any of the existing detectors.

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