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July 2, 2008

I want to extend the range of my Z-Wave network outside my cottage. Does anyone sell a mesh repeater node suitable for outdoors? I can mount it in a watertight plastic housing but it would be subjected to temperatures as low as -30 degrees F. No one makes a repeater only [Read More]

April 28, 2008

I would like a recommendation for a three-way dimmer switch that would be used with around five hi-hat lights. It needs to be compatible with a Harmony remote. RF preferably. Will it work with the Harmony 890 or do I have to get the 890 Pro? Any Z-Wave lighting dimmer with [Read More]

April 14, 2008

I have a Harmony 890 Pro and the Vizia RF Z-Wave Programmer/Controller RZCPG-BSG. I wanted to make the Harmony 890 Pro the secondary controller and learn from the Vizia, which is the primary. Is this possible? Unfortunately, Logitech has been going backward with its Z-Wave [Read More]

April 6, 2008

Which is better–Z-Wave or Zigbee? Which of these came into existence first? What is the difference between the two? The first ZigBee specification was published in 2005. The first Z-Wave specification was released in 2002. To answer which one is better would require [Read More]

February 11, 2008

I am planning on buying a 900 MHz remote keyless entry for my car. I understand that Z-Wave works off of 900 MHz. does this mean that I will be able to control this device with my harmony 1000 and an RF extender? No, unfortunately not. The 900MHz ISM, (industrial, [Read More]

January 21, 2008

Are Z-Wave products based on 110v or do you also have 240v? There are Z-Wave products for both 110V North American standards and also for European 240V standards. I have been using Z-Wave devices for a year. I am in the process of adding a two wall sconces and wanted them [Read More]

January 14, 2008

I would like to get started with Z-Wave. Can I use just a Harmony 890 remote and a Z-Wave light switch, or do I need an additional controller?  Yes you can use a Harmony 890 remote and a single Z-Wave switch or dimmer to get started. You would then be able to add more [Read More]

November 19, 2007

As I consider Zigbee and Z-Wave, neither seems to offer much beyond traditional modules. I’d like to either understand where I can find analog/digital IO capabilities and how can I get started with evaluating whether I should get in to the market developing these [Read More]

November 5, 2007

I am curious if there are any utilities or applications for diagnosing and testing Z-Wave performance and range and showing hops between nodes and latency?  There are some great applications and tools on the way for diagnosing and testing Z-Wave networks with three new [Read More]

October 22, 2007

Is there a way to control IR and RF remote units with Z-Wave? If so, is there a way to make it compatible with X10 from a single remote control? Yes, both the Harmony 890 and Monster AVL300 remotes support both IR and Z-Wave. I already have quite a few X10 switches in [Read More]

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