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  2. Hi there, Right now I have a standard switch that controls an outlet on the wall.  That outlet has two lamps plugged into it with HUE bulbs inside.  What I want to do it replace that switch with a smart switch that can control the HUE bulbs directly (via SmartThings) without actually cutting the power to the outlets.  I want a dimmer that we can use to control the hue lights, but if there are other things in the outlet, I don't want those other things to lose power. So, I'm really not sure how to accomplish this... any advice would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  3. Dear forum, I am planinng to uplift my home with some modern home automation features and have after some studying come to the conclusion that I should base my solution in z-wave. So far so good! Where I live, Sweden, two competitors seem to be dominating the market for actuators, Fibaro and Qubino. Or at least these are the two that most often show up in search results. I am leaning towards getting a Fibaro Home Center 2 as a controller and it can manage any type of z-wave device (I think) When it comes to dimmers I am trying to understand the differences and benefits with the products from Qubino and Fibaro.  The Fibaro dimmer2 seems to integrate very well with the controller from them which is to be expected I suppose. On the other hand - the Fibaro dimmer module is quite big compared to the one from Qubino and the smallness is a big selling point in favor of the Qubino. Also, the Qubino can handle smaller loads out of the box which is also a big plus. The Qubino however does not seem to be very well documented, Where Fibaro has loads of documents explaining all the features and parameters, Qubino is clearly lacking. One such blank area is how to use the second (or third) switch connected to the dimmer. To the Fibaro you can connect two switches: s1 and s2, while Qubino can take three: l1, l2 and l3. For Fibaro, the use of and s2 is well documented and it can trigger scenes in various ways. The controller can pick up scene-ID from the dimmer and these are pre-defined. 26 means single click on s2, 24 means double click on s2, 16 means single click on s1 etc etc.  All very well described by Fibaro. For Qubino however I am not sure how it works, I have understood form posts here and there on various forums that l2 and l3 can be used to trigger events but the concept of "scene" is never mentioned. Does that mean that Qubino does not support scenes? Or how does it work? I like the small form factor of the Qubino and that it can dim small loads but the product does not seem to be as easy to use the one from Fibaro. Or perhaps I just haven't grasped all the z-wave concepts yet and therefore am not connecting the dots properly. I am still at the beginning of the learning curve. So I am turning to the forum for some advice on the matter. Thanks Per
  4. play audio file?

    I haven't used Tasker, but I think it would do what you want by using it on an inexpensive Android tablet [doesn't require a smartphone!] Check out this post from the Homeseer Tasker thread: If that doesn't do it for you, I would suggest posting over in the Tasker thread at the Homeseer forum.
  5. play audio file?

    Be aware that I'm not looking for another doorbell; this will be triggered by another event. I can't use the Zee directly (too far away, and it would be impractical to run a wire, or even do this wireless). I considered posting to the HS forum, but didn't see a suitable category -- everything is HS-specific. And, yes, I considered using HSTouch to do this (which would mean setting up a smartphone in that location, which would also be impractical). Unless there's some other device? Actually, I think that using HSTouch might be 'kludgy'; I have Tasker, which would be a lot neater.
  6. play audio file?

    OK.  You can do what you want, but not with z-wave.  Z-wave is a control protocol only.  If your Zee is close enough to where you want the sound played, you could use a bluetooth speaker and have Homeseer "speak" the sound file to that speaker when a HS event detects that the doorbell rings.  Another choice would be to use a Homeseer HSTouch client in that location and have HS speak to just that client when the doorbell rings.  There are probably more choices, but those two came immediately to mind.  You might want to post over on the Homeseer forum for ideas from the real HS "gurus"!
  7. play audio file?

    Yes. Specifically, a Zee S2.
  8. play audio file?

    Is that a Homeseer Hometroller?
  9. I'm looking for a way to play an audio file (just a short .mp3 or .wav). Is there a z-wave device that can do that? The details: I have the Aeotec Doorbell, which I use for its main function and for general notifications. I need something like that in another part of my house. Yes, I could buy another Aeotec Doorbell -- but, I'm hoping that there is another solution. I figure that there should be just a simple device that I can transfer the audio file/s to (probably USB), and control with my HomeTroller.
  10. Hello all, I am new in this z-wave/home-automation world, so I don't know much about it. I would like to turn on/off my central heating - much like a thermostat would do - but the decision would be mine based on multiple factors, like the temperature in each room, if a window is opened or not, etc.The central is a fairly new one and its current thermostat is controlling it by 2-wire (24V) system. So, my question is - where can I find this kind of switch? I found a fibaro, but it looks like it is discontinued. All others seems to be very confusing. I was thinking also on a Qubino Flush & Cool thermostat - but I am afraid I cannot control it from outside.  Can someone with some experience in this domain advise me please? If you feel I haven't provided much information, please let me know what I need to look into it and I will. Thank you! Dragos.      
  11. Zwave Kwikset and Tuxedo Touch

    Hi...i am a new user here. As per my knowledge Kwikset and Yale locks need to be right next to the controller while adding to be able to negotiate the security class when adding the lock. If you have been trying to add the lock in place - remove the inside of the lock where the battery pack resides, bring to to the controller ,delete or remove the device the try adding it again.
  12. New Z-Wave Products

    Z-Uno is here ! It's the first (easy to use) developer board that allows to create a Z-Wave device, apparently without deep knowledge of Z-Wave protocol or programming
  13. Z-Wave Promo from ASIHome

    For every $150 purchased from the linked category from July 31 through August 15, 2017, get $25 off a $100 order, valid September 1-15, 2017. We'll send you a coupon code for your discount when we process your order. This promotion is good while supplies last and subject to limitations. If products are returned, credit amounts will be adjusted to reflect the discount.
  14. So I'm about to order my first Z-Wave components, I'm just deciding on a controller.  I mainly only want the system to turn on all or certain zone lights in our shop, trigger certain lights when doors are opened and turn on lights when a motion sensor is tripped, all easy to configure. The other thing I want to do is have a program where a button is pressed to start a 1 hr timer.  When the timer ends an alarm goes off until the button is pressed again to reset the timer to 1 hr.  This is as a reminder for our operators to check certain equipment every hour.  I know some controllers are more customisable, some aren't.  I've read questionable things about Vera controllers, I was looking at the Samung Smarthings Hub because it is supposedly the easiest to setup, but I'm concerned about it being too limited. I want something easy, but mainly able to run my timed alarm program.  Any suggestions on what controller I should get, and how to program it?
  15. Virtual Machine for Hub?

    Message received.  I'm on my own.  I am doing New Science.
  16. I bought a SmartThings hub and discovered to my horror that it's inextricably connected to the Cloud.  So, Samsung, wants to know whenever I unlock a door or turn on a light, not to mention where I am at all times?!  pfff  Suck my azz. I find the Razberry, which can partition the hardware and software from the Cloud, and also there are z-wave USB sticks.  This leads me to believe that it would be possible for me to set up a Xen virtual machine to act as my hub, with a USB stick as the transceiver. I run CentOS and would set up a Minimal installation of it.  But what z-wave software would I use?  The intent would be that the VM serve as a server and other VMs and machines in the LAN are clients which run maybe OpenHAB or the like.  I will set up a VPN for phone connexion.  Ideally this should run on IPV6 but IPV4 is acceptable. Also, what client software is recommended for imaginative constructs, without too much brain surgery?
  17. Dear Members,     I am new to z-wave technology, had a knowledge of communication in z-wave network. I am trying to use raspberry Pi to control z-wave devices.,Is there any  way to use it without any external controllers like UZB,razberry.   Regards, Shreyas Shah.
  18. I would suggest you also check out Homeseer.  Also, go to the Vera forums and look for posts from unhappy users!  I use z-wave with Homeseer software running on a dedicated older PC and have been very happy.  Z-wave isn't perfect, but it's still much, much better than x10.  Sorry, I don't have any experience with the Dome or Aeotec devices you mention.
  19. Hello All;   Well my X10 controls have finally died.  I use most of the system to control my pool and a couple of indoor home lights.  The X10 worked for years, but as I have been automating more and more in my home, I want to make the shift over to a new technology.  Based on my research to date, I am heavily leaning towards a VeraPlus system that supports Z wave, but other wireless technologies as well.  While I am zeroing in on Z wave modules as my initial push for a "like for like" change out from X10, I was wondering if anyone on this forum might have any experience with doing what I am about to do. I currently have two types of X10 modules.  1:  WS467 (Wall switch module) to contol some pool lights.  I don't think I will need this type of remote switch (comparable z wave) as I am converting to LED lights in my pool/spa very soon.  2:  AM486 Appliance Module. So my questions are:   1.  Any comments/feedback (or pointers to other threads) about the VeraPlus system? 2.  For the VeraPlus system, any comments/experience with the web and mobile interfaces? 2.  Any suggestions/comments/experience with replacing the above mentioned X10 modules with something like the Dome Smart On/Off outlet or the Aeotec by Aeon Labs ZW096 Smart Switch outlet?   Thanks for any insight or information from all!!
  20. I am quickly converting my 4500 square foot home to home automation with a Wink 2 hub and Amazon Echo.  It has been going well for the most part.   Of course, in spite of it being less than 10 years old, the original wiring in my home was a bit wonky here and there, but I got it sorted out and where I have worked it is now wired conventionally.   It just slows me down alot.   I am now, however, quite stuck.  I have a ceiling fan in my bedroom which has a light kit.  It is controlled by one switch which looks something like this; I cannot seem to be able to find any zwave or other echo compatible controllers that can handle both lights and fan from one switch.   I usually will want to control it from the wall, but on occasion I'd like to be able to turn either on or off remotely.     Any suggestions?
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  22. I am using a WINK controller.  I have a Honeywell wireless controller for one part of my house and a NEST for the other.  They both work fine from my phone or via Alexa.   So far I have not been impressed with the extra cash I spent for the next (over twice what the Honeywell cost) I will give it a month or so.  It is nice eye-candy.  
  23. Three Way Dimmer Switch

    Is the living room light already wired as a 3-way using regular switches?  If so, then you'll need one z-wave switch and one matching [same manufacturer] "companion" switch [also called "add-on" or "accessory" switch].  You should inspect how your existing 3-way switches are wired before you select your z-wave switches!   Different manufacturers have different wiring requirements.  You'll probably have to download the installation instructions for the various switches in order to find the wiring diagrams showing their requirements. 
  24. Three Way Dimmer Switch

    Hello I am planning to install z-wave three way dimmer switch.  Switch Location A (Living Room): Z-Wave Switch controlling living room Switch Location B (Kitchen): Switch controlling living room as well (three way setting) Question - Can I achieve this using Z-Wave ? I saw some three way dimmer, not sure how it works. - Do i need Z-wave at both location or I can have Z-Wave at Location A and regular switch at Location B ? Thanks 
  25. newbie help needed

    I need some help here, i need to turn on a light every time a door is opened in a room, i have 5 doors and 1 light bulb, i am planning o have 5 magnetic door sensors all of them tied to one dimmer without any controller and of course, once the door is closed the light will turn off, could that be possible
  26. I have an actuator (Simon Sense, for generating scenes, which works with KNX technology, and I was wondering if it is possible to somehow transform the KNX signal to Z-wave? (so I can reuse it). Any ideas how to do it, if possible? Thanks
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