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  1. In the last part of the series on bridging the gap between X10 and Z-Wave, we explored the possibilities using an Elk M1G. This installment takes a look at another possible approach: HomeDaemon, a Linux-based home automation application that I (Karl Denninger) developed. It is designed to run on FreeBSD Version 6.x and above - although it will also compile and run on most versions of Linux with limited or no effort. [Read More...]
  2. Wayne-Dalton now offers Mac users the latest in whole home control - Houseport. Houseport model WDUSB-10MAC is a Z-Wave-enabled home control system designed specifically for the Mac OS X operating system. By inserting the USB adapter to a Mac USB port and installing the included Houseport software, you can create and manage a complete home control network. [Read More...]
  3. Several times each year the Z-Wave Alliance holds an event called the "Developer's Forum." This informal two-day event invites technology savvy alliance members, such as software and hardware engineers to gather, exchange knowledge, and interact with their fellow Z-Wave developers. [Read More...]
  4. Going green just got easier. There are multiple Z-Wave enabled products on the market that will help you keep your home's temperature control and lighting in check. [Read More...]
  5. Our expert helps readers sort out the differences in capabilities between Z-Wave and Zigbee. [Read More...]
  6. What is Z-Wave?

    Learn the basics of Z-Wave with this explanatory flash video. [Click Here] Flash Demo