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  1. We've been using the LiNK door lock for several months now at Harford Hackerspace and have not really had any issues with it. They make good commercials too IMO. Commercial 1 Commercial 2
  2. The local paper in our town is running a contest with the top prize being 50,000 ad impressions on their website. The prize is worth $500. Please help us win this by voting for our blog. Visit: http://data.baltimoresun.com/mobbies/ 1) Quickly sign-up for an account 2) Vote for us at the top of that site for “Best Overall Blog” 3) Vote for us in the “ART + DIY” section of that site. Just search for Harford Hackerspace and click the vote link. Thank you for all of your support.
  3. What's the main purpose of using the external contact? The device its self is a contact sensor. The only thing I can think of is when you have existing sensors such as flush mount window / door sensors. It would also seem that using an external sensor would eliminate the tamper switch from being effective.
  4. Gary, do you know where to find a manual which talks about the connecting terminals? I don't recall the HRDS1 having external connecting terminals for anything. Of course I have not looked at mine in a long time and have never actually used it. I'm currently reviewing the Aeon Labs sensor and would like a reference for comparison. What can you do with these terminals? You said "connecting terminals for an external sensro". What type of sensor? The Aeon Labs sensor has a magnetic reed switch and tamper micro switch.
  5. The following are a list of questions that have gone unanswered by our panel of experts. Usually the reason the experts do not wish to answer is because the question is asking for an opinion on a product. Our panel of experts is comprised of engineers, technicians, and sales staff from many of the 100+ Z-Wave manufacturers and it is not always appropriate for them to suggest one product over another. So we are posting them here for your opinion. If you see a question you would like to answer please copy the question and post it in a new topic so other members or the original author of the question can chime in. 1)We are doing a remodel of our downstairs area which will include a full bath, media room and adjoing office/bar area. We how low ceilngs and therefore want to install recessed main lighting and accent lights thorughout. I want to be able to control all the lights using a harmony remote as well as the wall controls but I am not sure on the type/brand of lights i should be looking at to buy. I was thinking I would like to install low voltage lights throughout but do you need a particular brand. I guess i am unsure of how to proceed since this is a remodel and we have the area gutted and framed so we have free acess to run wires etc.. so i really need to know what type of light i should be looking at. 2)What outdoor motion sensor is recommended? 3)I have installed z-wave light switches and thermostats in my house. I have four GE controller remotes. I would like to add a camera to the front door area, a motion detector, and z-wave switches to the rolladin shutters on the outside of my windows. I would like to be able to control the system from my computer and over the Internet and be able to see the image from the camera from my computer. 1. GE remote model 45601 -- I have trained the thermostats to the remote. However, I am unable to do anything with the remote. The user guide has very little on thermostat control. Where can I get more information on making the thermostats work. Can I operate more than one thermostat with the remotes? 2. What do I need to operate and monitor the z-wave system from my computer while at home or over the Internet? I\\\'m confused. Do I need both a USB z-wave controller and a gateway device? Do they come with software? What brand and models do you recommend? 3. Recommendations and advice on cameras please. 4. The rolladin shutters (a.k.a. hurricane shutters) are each controlled by a low voltage switch with three positions -- up, down, and off.. I know that they are low voltage, because I removed one of them and the wire connections it thin like thermostat wire. Is there a z-wave device that I can use to raise and lower the shutters? 4)I would like to build a fully automated smart controlled home automated systems, using the latest technology available such as z-wave technology. So I wonder if you can your help building the complete integrated solution & sending me all the needed equipment / requirements (everything from hardware and / or software) to achieve this goal. Or to direct me to a system integrator who can do this for me Also if works fine with me, I look forward building a good relationship with you & being your partner in Saudi if you don’t mind in the future. 5)I woulf like to increase the range by abourt 40 feet. I just read one of your answers useing HOp. How does that work? What do i need to get to do that? 6)What do I need to be able to adjust my electric shades?They only work all up or all down.I\\\'m also picking up a Harmony 890 remote. 7)I have a GE Advanced Remote and two Wayne Dalton Thermostats. Both Are Z-Wave. I added the thermostats to the remote, but I can\\\'t figure out how to control the thermostat with a remote. Basically, the user guide for the thermostat says see the instructions for the remote and the instructions for the remote so see the instructions for the thermostat.help! I would like to use my logitech remote to contol my ceiling fan and light. Logitech says, use any device with z-wave technology. I can\\\'t seem to find a module, that will fit my needs. Do you have any suggestions? I am looking for a module I can put up in the fixtures electrical box area, that I could just hard wire in. Just like a basic module they sell with ceiling fan remotes. 9)I have a computer hooked up to Homeseer software. My house has many z-wave ligt switches and controllers and I would like to install a motion sensor that controls a light and also activates a camera to record in the same computer only when there is movement. How can I do this? 10)I have a DSC 832 security system hard-wired into my house. I am looking to add motion activated video monitoring to the insid and outside of the house, as well as dual action motion sensors on my property. These motion sensors should be able to awaken me , if I am at home, and notify me and the security company, if I am not. It would be nice if the computer hard drive could record all video, notify people, over the internet, if there is an intrusion, all preferably hardwired to the computer. Otherwise, I could intergrate my present system to interact with the computer components? Please advise what you have available. And, if nothing significant, who else might be moresuited to this configuration. 11)I have a Harmony 890 remote and would like to use it to set up an Intermatic CA5000 6 scene wall mounted remote. Is it possible to set up the CA5000 using the harmony 890 and not purchase a seperate controller? 12)I want to be able to program the Vizia 4 scene controller (or the Aspire 5 -scene controller) with my harmony 890. Is this possible. 13)Hi, Is ZTH100 compatible with Leviton Vizia rf dimmers/switches. 14)Do I have to connect the Zwave products to the internet to control them or can I control the devices from a LAN that is not connected to the WWW. 15)Is their any interface for z-wave to old low-voltage light switches? It would likely have to be some kind of low voltage contactor or the like. I\\\'ve seen line-level versions, but not low-voltage. The line level are overkill for my purposes. 16)I am in need of a Z-Wave AC Vent. I have multiple rooms and would like the ability to open and shut certain vents. Is that possible or do you know of anything? 17)Schlage as a product line call Schlage Link. Is the bridge that Schalage offers a propriatory device or can any wireless router be used? I have the same question for their thermostat and cameras, if I go with Schlage will I be locked to their products? 18)Hi, i am looking for an European integrated solution of Zwave home control and heating system. I only see 1 zwave controlled radiator thermostat available by Danfoss, but this one is very limited. can you please indicate whether there are more suppliers for the European market ? I sopke to Danfoss and the tecnician said that they were not really operating into the zwave space. (although they are part of the alliance) thanks, 19)I\\\'m searching a Z-Wave gas detector but until now I don\\\'t find it, Please someone know a comercial gas detector, Could you send me information about that? 20)Is the Logitech Harmony 1100 compatible with Z-Wave at all? What are third-party Z-Wave products? 21)I first became interested in the Z-Wave products after researching my lighting and home automation options. I am now trying to plan a cost effective whole home automation project. I would like to start with Lighting and HVAC controlled through my iPhone, Car Homelink buttons, and Computer for ease of Setup. In later phases, I would like to integrate video surveillance, alarm capabilities, and audio video distribution but for now, my questions are about how to get started. 22)1) What brand switches I should go for? Should I just pick the cheaper option? I am looking at Intermatic Z Wave and Leviton Vizia for (Dimmers, Switches, and Lamp modules) and Wayne Dalton products (Homelink Control, And HVAC Panel). 2) What control unit suits my needs best? It seems like the ControlThink software and MiCasaVerde box are the leading options. I like that MiCasaVerde does not require a computer but this is a minor issue. Reliability, simplicity and features are more important. I am not sure what the other criteria should be but I can guess (expandability, up front and long term costs, ongoing company support and stability, product updates, system flexibility, support of all Z-Wave devices). Can you provide and advice on my best option, even if it isn’t one of these two? Sorry for the bombardment of questions but I have been researching for days on end and I could use some expert input for a system on a budget now but with big aspirations!
  6. I think Z-Wave is missing a good, strict, 3rd party compatibility verification process. Someone needs to create a logo Like Z-Wave Speaks but different and hold manufactures to a higher standard in order to bare that logo. Maybe call it Z-Wave Elite. This standard would mean that all controllers must support all the available z-wave classes. Those controllers must also be firmware upgradeable. Z-Wave is getting bad press because of a few rotten apples in the bunch. Someone needs to go after those rotten apples and make them clean up their acts. One device that I think z-wave is missing is a irrigation system like the Rain8. Weather sensors would also be nice. A stand alone RF to IR and IR to RF gateway would also be nice. I know Monster and Logitech have this for their remotes but it would be nice to have a device that I could simply aim an exiting remote at and map an IR command to a Z-Wave scene. Energy monitoring is a big thing these days also. A device to monitor energy use would be popular. However, if we had every device imaginable we would still not be happy until manufactures start playing nicely with their remote controls. It seems that all the manufactures want their controller to be the primary controller and the bottom line is that should not be the case. All controllers should be able to work just as well as a secondary controller. All controllers should support all products or be able to be upgraded to support all products as new products come to market.
  7. Ankur, Unfortunately we don't get very many engineering helpers around here so chances are your questions will go unanswered. You may want to try out Ask The Experts webpage (http://www.zwaveworld.com/ask.php) as those questions get sent to Mark Walters and possibly others who have first hand knowledge of the developers kit.
  8. CCALLECI, Welcome to the forums. Can you share with us what your role is at Delta T Engineering?
  9. I just got Vera...

    You are correct. They do support the multibutton scene controllers. That's Awesome.
  10. I'm impressed at how easy it was to setup vera and include my first device which was a Wayne-Dalton thermostat. Vera seems to support a good set of devices according to their documentation also. Here is my wish list for Vera which may never happen due to the nature of the list: Support older leviton Vizia Multibutton controllersSupport additional protocols not only Z-WaveCreate a 3rd party inferface for controlling devices with other software products. I don't think Leviton even supports their old switches these days so I doubt that will ever happen. Although Vera would be my best friend if they did support association with multibutton in-wall controllers. The Vera software is so easy to setup that I'm almost sad that they only support Z-Wave and not multiple protocols. I think all DIYers would enjoy Vera no matter what protocol they supported. It just seems to be well designed and "It Works!". Finally, for advanced users who may not be into the cookie cutter interface I think a simple TCP/IP protocol that allowed users to send On/Off/Dim Ect commands using ascii would make Vera more desireable to other DIYers such as those who use www.CharmedQuark.com Because the Z-Wave protocol is such a pain to implement and not freely available for software developers I think it could become a nice gateway for 3rd party applications that support plug-ins. Anyways... Nice Product you have here Micasa! Keep up the good work.
  11. Chris Walker who was a major contributor to the Z-Wave protocol has parted ways with ControlThink. It's surely sad to see him go. He brought many innovations to the Z-Wave technology and I never met a guy more excited about Z-Wave than he was. This message was posted on forums.controlthink.com
  12. Plug - Harford Hackerpsace

    I'm probably not worth the trip but if you are in town feel free to contact me for a bite to eat or something.
  13. You can't be serious about that, can you? You actually have word that a manufacture is catching heat because they are doing something right? Who is bringing the heat?
  14. Wow! What a change. Finally someone has something good to say about a z-wave manufacture.