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  1. Z-Wave Promo from ASIHome

    For every $150 purchased from the linked category from July 31 through August 15, 2017, get $25 off a $100 order, valid September 1-15, 2017. We'll send you a coupon code for your discount when we process your order. This promotion is good while supplies last and subject to limitations. If products are returned, credit amounts will be adjusted to reflect the discount.
  2. I am not sure if you are going to get that to work. The CA3750 is a multi-instance class device. As far as I know, the 2GIG panel does not support those type of devices. I have not tried it myself, I am just going by what I know about those two devices.
  3. Does this z-wave dimmer exist?

    It was never produced. Best you could do is use the Evolve LFM-20 and run a AC to DC transformer through the isolated relay in whichever voltage you need.
  4. Who Makes Switches in Ivory Color

    Leviton. ACT used to but when Evlove took it over, they dropped Ivory.
  5. Be aware that when excluding devices not on the same network, the 2GIG panel currently does not give any indication that it removed the device. You have to assume it did and then try to re-include.
  6. Try resetting the lock. The proceedure is detailed in Step 2 on Page 2 of this document:
  7. 2gig + schlage

    2GIG only guarantees support for the Kwikset line of locks. From what I understand the 3 different manufacturers have slight differences in the way locks work, such as the way that the locks report when a user enters a code which is why you may be seeing this behavior. The Lock/Unlock commands are universal as part of the Z-Wave code but other features are not.
  8. From what i can tell, you have Heat, Cool, Fan and 24VAC. Unless there are more wires behind the thermostat, the Trane will probably not work. It requires a "C" (Common) or 2nd wire from the 24VAC transformer. Unless you can get a wire from somewhere close and power it locally.
  9. The WDRR-372R uses 372MHz wireless and is not Z-Wave. The only thing I can tell you is that most garage door openers operate off of a contact closure. A contact closure can be generated with an Appliance Module, 12VDC Power Suppy and a 12V Triggerd Relay.
  10. Not all devices repeat. Battery class and Portables do not repeat. Also, only certain modules will repeat the "Beaming" command. You can have up to 4 hops (repeats).
  11. Too wide!

    If you look closely at the heatsinks, the fins usually have score marks where you can snap them off. If you were to gang 2 together, you would take the fins off of the right side of one and the left side of the other. Please know that removing the fins lowers the amount of Watts it can handle. This is called derating and it is usually 100W per side. So if you were to remove the left from one and the right from another to gang them, you would then have 2 500W dimmers. If it were a 3-gang, you would have to remove both sides of the middle one making it 400W and the left and right would be 500W. Make sense?
  12. The current SDK (1.3 beta) requires a ControlThink ThinkStick. Other controllers require a license for 1.3 beta and the older version also requires a license which are no longer available.
  13. High voltage thermostat?

    You would most likely have to use a regular thermostat with a 110V, 24VAC triggered contactor.
  14. Updates from Leviton

    While the 5.02 and 4.52 Z-Wave libraries have the ability to speak to locks, it is not implemented in the software yet. They are definately working on it however and hope to see something by the end of the year.
  15. You should be able to use almost any primary controller and do an exclude to reset the devices.