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  1. European online Z-Wave store

    Would be great if you guys can add Vitrum or Honeywell products
  2. Z-wave & Easywave(Niko)

    If the niko Switches are certified by zensys/sigma then is should be compatible out of the box.
  3. Z-wave & Easywave(Niko)

    If it has the zwave logo on it (meaning it is certified by the zwave alliance) it should be compatible. I have been trying to find the manufacturer. Can you please link to their website so I can learn more about them?
  4. Zwave Store in Middle East

    Hi Everyone, I would i like to announce a new online store is up and running with zwave stock and distribution across the Middle East. Check it out if you are interested, any comments for improvement would be much appreciated: Shifra Smart Distribution
  5. Appliance and light module size.

    I agree. Besides, the zwave, controller, and relay electronics can take up so little space technically a plugin module thinner than the power pins themselves can be made. But I doubt we will see any product update any time soon. Because it costs the manufacturers way too much to create a new mold and design for the product itself it would only be justified if there is a major zwave update in the future. Meanwhile, if you are electrical savvy and working with power plugs, you can install the Fibaro modules behind the in-wall power sockets.
  6. Product availability

    Hi Samipk. We at Shifra Smart Homes have a bunch of stock of Euro zwave products. Give us a call and I will help you out.
  7. european thermostats

    This thermostat reminds me of harmony remotes claiming they are Z-wave compatible when you cant set them as secondary controllers.. this thermostat is for one an on/off relay (the first piece) that comes with a remote control that has a temperature sensor (the second piece).. they connect to each other using z-wave.. might as well be zigbee or some proprietary RF.. no way of integrating it back to whatever home automation software you got going.
  8. RCS TZ43 Thermostat

    btw, i noticed that trane has the relays positioned right in the path where the cables should run.. so if your HVAC cables are a little thick like mine.. you wont be able to close the front cover for the trane thermostat after mounting.. Id go with RCS
  9. ControlThink ThinkStick Review

    I agree with David. The Thinkstick is the best USB controller I have tried. and I have tried a few..ACT, AEON.. and the list goes on
  10. Hey guys, has anyone tried micasaverde with MK's 2 gang switches? Any confirmation of support for the multi-channel command? One more question.. Does anyone know if micasaverde has an "optimize and rediscover devices" option in order to stabilize the z-wave network ?
  11. White Paper on Z-wave

    Hi Everyone, As promised in my first post. This is my second white paper where I compare Z-Wave with CBUS/MODBUS systems in terms of Design Architecture. But the catch is Design Architecture may highly affect investment protection in the long run. Here is an Excerpt: and here is the link to my website for the full article. (Includes design diagrams to illustrate the above) I would appreciate any comments/suggestions All the best,
  12. White Paper on Z-wave

    Hi Everyone, To all Z-wave installers who like me make a living from selling z-wave and having to compete with other technologies. I want to share with you a white paper I wrote comparing Z-wave with KNX,X10,Zigbee,EnOcean. Ill be writing a second one about MODBUS/CBUS. Here is an excerpt: and here is the full article (this links to my website) Let me know what you think. I appreciate comments Maybe we can put amendments to the article based on your feedback!
  13. ZRW230 - Installation

    Yes Kaldoon is right, you can use a normal switch and the auxiliary switch has been "coming soon"on the act website for quite a long time now. Why would you need auxiliary input? you can associate it with other devices or vice versa if your goal is to use another switch to control the ZRW230. May I ask, how is your experience with the ZRW230? I did have a couple of instability issues (switch turning off suddenly), but i believe it is because or bad termination of wires on my side, not sure though still investigating, have you had any such issues?