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  1. Help me board!!!!!My x10 devices are dieing, so its time to replace the system... but what with.  It would appear that z-wave is the way to go?  Yes?Currently I have....1) A X10 SC28X/SC9000 security control system (not connected to phone line) by Marmiteck2) Several PIR connected to the SC9000 3) 3 door entry dectors4) 5 or 6 x10 plug control systems5) 2 or 3 AW12 micro switch modules for light switch controls6) A CMU12 connected to a home server running a custom (Visual Studio) bit of software which connects the whole lot together, does house automation, connects to Alexa for voice controlBut - the alarm key fobs are all going faulty, the SC9000 screen is dieing, Neither can be replaced because they are no longer produced, and I fear my love/gate relationship with X10 is finally at an end.So.... what system is out there that I can replace that lot with?   What is the flavour of the month here in the UK, which will cover the alarm system, device automation, light automation, and I can write my own software for to automate the whole lot?And if its more reliable than X10, that would be good as well.Advice would be appreciated! As I understand it, its all about the hub?   But, which one do I need - there is a major range of prices out there - not sure if they will do what I need, or can I code them using the existing firmware, or do I have to code them myself to do what I need? So typical things my home automation does (which I would like to replicate)... 1) Say to Alexa "We are going to bed now" and it turns off 5 devices downstairs 2) Set a mode to holiday mode - and it randomly turns on or off 3 or 4 lights between a set time range 3) If the alarm is set or unset, it sends me an email 4) If a door is opened, it chimes 5) If nobody is in the lounge at night (for a few hours), then it powers down downstairs 6) 2 or 3 lights come on at sunset - currently set by a table of hard coded sundown times by day of the year 7) Where sundown is before 5pm, then it turns on the outside light at 5:30pm Powers down the house (all devices) after 10pm and powers them all up at 8am (depending on the day of the week) For my x10 setup, I did this using some Visual Studio c# code- do I need to do the same with v-wave, or will v-wave hub software allow me to do all of this? Thanks for any advice.
  2. Hi and thanks for the reply. I hve looked at the Getting started with the SDK, and the example shows getting the configured home name. Is there a program equivalent for the 'turn device on/off' and 'anything changed?' as per my examples in my first post? Any link to a PDF/web site with a guide of the commands available in the SDK? In terms of the Media throwing, its my wifes favourite part of the home automation setup. In a nutshell... Everything is ripped to media files - music is MP3's and movies as Mp4s - all held on a central NAS drive. Music is controlled by a coded home brew plug in for Squeezecentre - I have squeeze centre media players in most rooms, and we use mobiles to control the music - we throw music by an android app I developed - you can see whats playing on what device and by dragging from one device to another, the music starts playing on the other device in the exact same spot - useful for when we move between rooms. There are also downloadable squeezecentre android and iPhone apps which do almost the same thing but not as 'graphically'. the difficult part is the throwing of the movies. We each have an android tablet, and four TVs in the house - all the TVs and tablets can play movies (or any other grpahical content) directly using a TWONKY media streamer. again, I created a Twonky plug in which provides an overlay menu of the other devices in the house - so if we are watching a movie in the lounge, we can 'throw' by dragging and dropping the movie to another device - my daughter loves this as if she is watching some girly tosh downstairs, she can throw the movie up to her room and it continues in the same place - there is a slight delay (5 seconds) because of the size of the movie files (4gig for DVD quality or ~30g for BluRay). Clearly for this to work, the TV has to be wired into the house home network and be able to play media files (but most can now). Google SQUEEZECENTRE or TWONKY for more information of the basic software I use - as I say, I created some homebrew apps for android (for the tablets/phones), TV TWONKY service and SQUEEZECENTRE throw - nothing major - I think I coded each in a day, and most of that time was spent on the graphics.
  3. Hello All, i currently have an X10 setup in my home, which has been nothing but a headache since the day it was installed (lost signals, hanging devices etc). I am now considering jumping to the Z-Wave option. But here is my problem... Currently, my home automation is home brew - my controlling app is written in .NET and talks X10 through a serial device. My app is very specific, and gets imput from other feeds including temperature controllers, power systems etc. Now reading other threads on this forum (such as this one.. http://zwaveworld.com/forum/index.php?show...art=#entry3180), it seems that the method of controlling Z-Wave is locked down. Which could be a problem for me. My home is controlled by a Home (Windows 2003) server - and I want this server to remain in place as it will still control my media and other bits. Some other people are talking about getting the Controlthink stick which provides a SDK which may do the job - but I cannot find a supplier of the ControlThink stick here in the UK, which is a problem. I was originally thinking about getting a USB or Serial (ZWave ZCS2010 controller) (http://www.letsautomate.com/11111.cfm?) as this seems like a unit which would provide the biggest initial controlling 'reach'. To give an idea how my existing app works.... Sending : - I have a routine I can call to send an X10 signal out - so to turn device A10 on, it would be something like X10_SendOut("A10","ON") Receiving: - For received commands (sensors triggered etc), I can read inbound X10 commands from a stack such as "InCommand = X10_GetLast()" which will return something like "A10~OFF" I would like similar functionality with Z-Wave for my home brew app (but of course, I can code around different formats of commands, etc) So my questions are: 1) Would I be better off with something like the Aeon-Labs ZWave Z-Stick USB Interface DSA02203-ZWEU (http://www.letsautomate.com/12799.cfm?) which also claims to expose the controls for app development? 2) Would a stick type really work (provide enough reach) if stuffed in a USB hold around the back of my server? 3) Would I be better off with a ContrilThink stick and will the SDK allow me to call some form of API to replicate the above 4) Is there anything I am missing - is there an easier way of doing this? 5) Am I flogging a dead horse trying to migrate to Z-Wave? Note, I want (need) my home brew app - I dont want to go down using an off the shelf app as it wont do everything I need (e.g my app deals with "media throwing" where I can 'throw' music and videos between devices).