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  1. Starting with the 6th of November, QEES released the first version of the Z-Wave PC Tool, designed to help users control and update Z-Wave devices. You can read more about the PC Tool here and download it here.
  2. In July 2012, QEES launched its first Z-Wave devices, Retrofit Series (RETO Plug-in Relay/Switch, RETO Shell Relay/Switch) and Remote Series (MyKey). All the devices in the Plus edition are software upgradeable and endowed with power metering. They are now available in our partners' stores, at Domadoo (http://www.domadoo.fr/shopdisplayproducts....ch=yes&ppp=), EZHome (http://www.ezhome.nl/alle-merken/qees.html) and Etotal (http://www.etotal.eu/index.php?cPath=60_64). You can read more about the QEES products here: http://www.qees.eu/products/plus-retrofit-series