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  1. My title says it all. I love adding dry contact sensors to my system, but I am sick of not being able to program the message they send me.  Its always something like "A Leak Was Detected" when someone activates the sensor. What's so hard about being able to program in a small custom message?  My tilt sensor is the same way.  Garage door opens, it says "Motion Detected" I have several different tilt sensors and contact sensors, they all say something goofy.  I have to have my own little decoding card in my wallet to know what's going on. Just my little complaint for the day..... Greg  
  2. I am new to Z-Wave devices. I am using the VeraLite, a couple of GE 3-Way Switches and I am about to install some Linear switches and appliance modules. I have a couple of locations where I would like to have the convenience of GE 3-Way wiring but I do not need any remote control. In other words, I want to use one of my Z-Wave GE 3-Way switches with a wired Aux switch, but I don't want to bother pairing it with my VeraLite. If I do this, is it better to PAIR the switch with my network anyway? OR, is it OK just to leave it alone? Does it matter at all? Greg