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  1. play audio file?

    Be aware that I'm not looking for another doorbell; this will be triggered by another event. I can't use the Zee directly (too far away, and it would be impractical to run a wire, or even do this wireless). I considered posting to the HS forum, but didn't see a suitable category -- everything is HS-specific. And, yes, I considered using HSTouch to do this (which would mean setting up a smartphone in that location, which would also be impractical). Unless there's some other device? Actually, I think that using HSTouch might be 'kludgy'; I have Tasker, which would be a lot neater.
  2. play audio file?

    Yes. Specifically, a Zee S2.
  3. I'm looking for a way to play an audio file (just a short .mp3 or .wav). Is there a z-wave device that can do that? The details: I have the Aeotec Doorbell, which I use for its main function and for general notifications. I need something like that in another part of my house. Yes, I could buy another Aeotec Doorbell -- but, I'm hoping that there is another solution. I figure that there should be just a simple device that I can transfer the audio file/s to (probably USB), and control with my HomeTroller.
  4. Hello from PA

    'Flexible'? Please elaborate (being inexperienced in this, I have no clue how they differ). Is this what you mean? http://www.homeseer.com/compatible-products.html With HS, that 'plug-in' stuff (sort of) steered me away; it seemed like I'd be jumping into the deep end. I figured that I start out easy, then upgrade in 3 - 5 years. However, now that you mentioned it, I'll reconsider. One thing I noticed with HS is the telephony. I'm trying to figure out how to get my house phone (which is fios) on my smartphone. I found a house phone that can that. However, if my HA system can do it, even better! But, it seems like only the Windows models can do that; is that correct?
  5. Hello from PA

    Ok, I'm just getting into HA. Being the DIY / hacker type, I chose z-wave. I haven't bought anything yet. For a controller/hub, I was considering the UD ISY994, the Hometroller Zee S2, and the Vera Edge. I'll probably go with the Edge. I have the usual projects planned, but I also have some not-so-usual projects. One is to monitor the salt level in my water softener. I've been searching for a couple months, but haven't found any that are quite what I wanted. I found one that's close, so I'm using it for inspiration.