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  1. I am not sure to fully understand your objectives but I think that you can achieve your objectives with Zwave switches and  programs on your hub software. Depending on your objectives and physical space in your switch boxes, you could have a Zwave switch (connected with LINE and NEUTRAL but no LOAD) that initiates a SCENE or a PROGRAM.
  2. There is another way if you have line and neutral near the door.  Install a regular Zwave ON/OFF switch without a Load wire, then create two programs in your hub software : (1) IF switch A = ON,   THEN  B = ON (2) IF switch B = ON,   THEN  A = ON I have this setup for a virtual 3-way of one of my ceiling fans. BTW I suggest that you use Homeseer switches as they have Status Reporting which is useful when switches are in a program.
  3. Your Favorite Switch/Dimmer

    While reading your post and writing this reply, I am looking at two of my  switches in one switch box.  One is a GE Fan switch and the other a Homeseer Dimmer Light switch. They look exactly the same, but yes the Homeseer dimmer has the sentinel lights. I happen to like these but I understand that other may not. As I use some of my switches in programs, the status update is important to me, and I find the Homeseer far superior. Note that GE switches have a blue sentinel light, and Homeseer's is white. Also note that GE/Jasco has come out with new combined Zwave/Motion detector switches that are Zwave Plus. I don't know whether these new switches include status reporting. having read somewhere that the Lutron patent expired in 2016, I would not be surprised that all new Zwave switches will now have status reporting, but the GE/Jasco website does not mention anything on status reporting.
  4. I use the ISY994ZW hub and have more than 40 Zwave devices in my 3,000 sq. ft home that all connect to the hub. Zwave is a mesh network, meaning that (most) devices operate as a repeater. In theory, as long as one of your devices is in range of the hub and the other devices are in range of each other,  you should not have an issue. From time to time, I can not include a new Zwave device to the network.  In that case if the device is portable, I include it close to the hub and then move the device to the desired location. If not portable, I move the hub to the device (old principle of if Moses does not come to the mountain, then the mountain comes to Moses....). I am lucky in having a Google Wifi router and can easily move one of the GWF pods, with hub attached, close to the in-wall Zwave device if needed.
  5. ceiling fan

    There is not any Zwave switch on the market that controls both Fan and Fan Light. Therefore you need 2 separate switches next to each other. I suggest : (1) GE Smart Fan Control, Z-Wave, In-Wall, 12730 (2) HomeSeer HS-WD100+ Z-Wave Plus Scene-Capable Wall Dimmer I have this setup on 3 fans in my home .
  6. Hello from Florida

    I am not sure to understand your project but I will give it a try. If your objective is for one switch to mirror another switch, then install the secondary switch without a load. Create two programs : (1)  IF A=ON, THEN B=ON, ELSE B=OFF (2)  If B=ON, THEN A=ON, ELSE A=OFF This works best with using Status Reporting switches, such as Homeseer, otherwise create an additional program that queries (polls) both switches every couple of econds.  
  7. New user from VA with a question

    I use a ISY994 hub (great product with excellent support).  You can create a program that sets approximate parameters. Example : IF  Dimmer A >= 1 < 26 THEN Dimmer B = 25 OR IF Dimmer A >= 26 < 51 THEN Dimmer B= 50 OR IF Dimmer A >= 51 < 76 THEN Dimmer B= 75 OR IF Dimmer A >= 76  THEN Dimmer B= 100 You may have to write 4 different programs to achieve the above. You can fine tune program as you prefer and it should get you close enough to what you are looking for.
  8. Differences from the insteon system

    Yes you can with either a Scene or a Program. 
  9. Connect an additional switch where you want it, without a load wire. Then use your hub software to make a program so that when additional switch is ON then main switch is ON, and same for OFF. Make same program the other way (when main switch is ON.....), and you have yourself a virtual 3 way.
  10. Your Favorite Switch/Dimmer

    I definitely recommend the Homeseer switches. They come with Status Reporting and are Zwave Plus. The Dimmer has sentinel lights showing the dimming level. I have used GE/Jasco and Cooper switches, but the Homeseer switches are much better. Unfortunately, Homeseer  does not yet have a fan switch.
  11. You can create virtual 3-way switches without wiring linking the switches : 1. You need a Zwave hub . I use ISY994ZW and am very happy, especially with their top-notch customer support and user forum 2. Replace the existing light switch with a Zwave ON/OFF switch . I recommend Homeseer switches as they include status reporting.     You need a neutral wire for all Zwave switches ! 3. Add one or more Zwave ON/OFF switches (without a load wire) where you need them. Connect these additional switches to Line and Neutral. 4. Program your hub software so that if any of these switches are ON, the others are ON as well, and same for OFF. IF you can not connect additional switches to Line and Neutral, then go for the previously mentioned wireless switches, but my solution is more stable.