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  1. After doing some tests with the CommandClass Powerlevel, I got the problems that some nodes freezes in status "In Progress" When asking for a report I only get status=InProgress over hours & days, I can't start any further tests. I've tried a lot so far, but nothing helped. How to reset/stop Powerlevel testing on a node? Thanks    Achim
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  3. Hi, since about 1 year I'm creating an application based on OpenZWave library to manage room temperaturs. The application is running on a RasPi like embedded system with web frontend. I'm using the following devices: Qubino PWM and on/off thermostat UZB1 stick Philio PAN04 or PAN06 as repeater Secure SES303 and SES302 to measure climate data and some more for testing  Idea is: Planning events in the rooms with Google calendar Heat the rooms before the events begin to have it on-time at right temperature (this is an automatic learning algorithm)  monitor all temperatures over years to be able to adjust and improve settemps support radiators (usually driven by water at about 70°C) and underfloor heating (by about 30°C) measure electric power consumption remote access to the web-frontend reduce energy costs