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  1. Virtual Machine for Hub?

    Message received.  I'm on my own.  I am doing New Science.
  2. I bought a SmartThings hub and discovered to my horror that it's inextricably connected to the Cloud.  So, Samsung, wants to know whenever I unlock a door or turn on a light, not to mention where I am at all times?!  pfff  Suck my azz. I find the Razberry, which can partition the hardware and software from the Cloud, and also there are z-wave USB sticks.  This leads me to believe that it would be possible for me to set up a Xen virtual machine to act as my hub, with a USB stick as the transceiver. I run CentOS and would set up a Minimal installation of it.  But what z-wave software would I use?  The intent would be that the VM serve as a server and other VMs and machines in the LAN are clients which run maybe OpenHAB or the like.  I will set up a VPN for phone connexion.  Ideally this should run on IPV6 but IPV4 is acceptable. Also, what client software is recommended for imaginative constructs, without too much brain surgery?