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  1. So I'm about to order my first Z-Wave components, I'm just deciding on a controller.  I mainly only want the system to turn on all or certain zone lights in our shop, trigger certain lights when doors are opened and turn on lights when a motion sensor is tripped, all easy to configure. The other thing I want to do is have a program where a button is pressed to start a 1 hr timer.  When the timer ends an alarm goes off until the button is pressed again to reset the timer to 1 hr.  This is as a reminder for our operators to check certain equipment every hour.  I know some controllers are more customisable, some aren't.  I've read questionable things about Vera controllers, I was looking at the Samung Smarthings Hub because it is supposedly the easiest to setup, but I'm concerned about it being too limited. I want something easy, but mainly able to run my timed alarm program.  Any suggestions on what controller I should get, and how to program it?