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  1. Aeon Labs Multi Sensor and VRCOP

    John, I routed your posts to someone at Aeon and you ought to hear back shortly. Good luck!
  2. Badass ZWave Expert Wanted

    Hey Matt - Tried to respond but your email address bounced. If you're still looking for someone, email me: randall@zwaveworld.com
  3. FortrezZ MIMO beta offer

    FortrezZ's MIMO (Multi Input Multi Output) Z-wave module BETA test FortrezZ has an exciting new product coming soon to market and is looking for application testers. The MIMO (Multiple Input - Multiple Output) Module is an interface / bridge module, capable of converting up to four digital & analog voltage inputs and/or a Z-Wave RF message input to one or two dry contact relay outputs and/or a Z-Wave RF message output. A limited quantity of beta MIMO units will be made available to qualified beta testers. Qualified testers will be requested to submit testing results and feedback to FortrezZ for evaluation. FortrezZ will use tester feedback to improve the final MIMO production unit. Upon the completion of beta testing and once production units become available, testers will be given the option to swap in their beta unit for a production MIMO. If you are interested in a beta unit, please contact Steve Szasz at FortrezZ. - Email Steve at Steve@FortrezZ.com - In your email include the following: - What is your specific application for MIMO. Provide a brief description. - What z-wave system(s) are you using, etc. Provide a brief description about your z-wave setup. There is a cost to the units (to help cover some of our costs). Steve will provide instructions on how to purchase. Steve Szasz Sales & Marketing Manager FortrezZ, LLC. (248)805-1094 mobile (248)481-7092 office www.fortrezz.com
  4. New Z-Wave Owner

    Hey farmerlucky - Been trying to reach you. Email me - Randall@zwaveworld.com please.
  5. I hope most of you have noticed that we're in the process of redesigning the site. The main objective is to deliver content that is most useful to people seeking information on how to implement Z-Wave technologies in their homes. Sometimes the best information comes from sharing experiences, where real life happens. We've launched a section called REAL Z-Wave for the time being, and would LOVE to run your stories. And not just the easy successes, but the frustrations, fails, and occasional dark comedies that come with using new technologies for the first time. There are great stories all over this Forum. If you've got it in you to share some of these, please write our editor, Catherine@zwaveworld.com or to me directly, Randall@zwaveworld.com. We'd love to hear from you. Thanks.
  6. Happy New Year's to All

    And let's all give thanks for Kaldoon, who does such a great job of moderating this forum!
  7. Social Media

    We've dragged our feet on this, but we're now tweeting -- @zwaveworld. Following us is the easiest way to be informed of new front page content. Feedback welcome. I'm less sure of the value of a Facebook page, though it's probably inevitable. Any thoughts pro or con? Thanks!
  8. Crash!

    We experienced our first-ever serious host server crash, and were down and dark for 24 hours or so. We hope you were all patient with us and haven't gone away! We use a highly regarded hosting service that had a major meltdown, but we seem to be fully restored. Thanks for hanging in there with us!
  9. Sigma Designs to acquire Zensys

    Rob, do you mean further information on the deal and how it's shaking out? Not much. However, I do have an arrangement to discuss with Sigma management later this week and will report back as soon as I know anything.
  10. Sigma Designs to acquire Zensys

    I've seen plenty of these too, but I don't see any sign that that's the case here. Take a close look at Sigma. The fit makes a ton of sense. It's a natural extension of their SoC product strategy. They've got everything in place to make a strong showing with Z-Wave, and I have to think that everything is pointed in the right direction this time.
  11. Sigma Designs to acquire Zensys

    This all happened very suddenly and took a lot of people by surprise. I'll write up my take on the situation in the next day or two and post it on the home page here. For what it's worth, I've known Sigma for a long time, and, all things considered, I think it's a great development. I think it bodes well for the immediate future of the technology (which will get a big boost under Sigma) as well as a seasoned and savvy management and support environment that could light a pretty big fire under all things Z-Wave.
  12. Everyone is being Sued

    Interesting. Obviously I can't say for sure, but this looks very much like a typical patent litigation. Awhile back I spent some time as an "expert witness" in a similar situation. A law firm that specializes in these things was working with a group that bought up some patents in computer graphics from Tektronix, a company that had done pioneering work in the field but then abandoned it after some years. So these guys bought up some early, fairly general patents, and then sued everybody in sight. The aim was not necessarily to prevail in court but to encourage expeditious cash settlements from the litigees, gambling that they would rather pay something than face a long court battle. The actual merits of the case never saw adjudication in a courtroom. The process can be rather slimy. This case, considering that they named X10, seems very broad. I'd be surprised if it had a big impact.
  13. Zwave logo, branding and compatability

    We don't set Z-Wave policy here, of course, since we have no formal affiliation with Zensys, but we try to report what we know and to provide a forum for the open exchange of information. It is my understanding that the device in question, while not having completed the certification process, was considered to be "fully compliant" as a Z-Wave device. The fact that certification had not been completed was considered an issue with the process, not the device. Beyond that, all I can suggest is that if this is still an issue with you, you should take it up with the manufacturer.
  14. Zwave logo, branding and compatability

    I've posed this issue to Zensys management and hope for a clarification today.
  15. Heat pump control

    h1rik - This is a good question, and I've put it out to a few Z-Wave developers and hope to have someone back here shortly who can answer it authoritatively and in some depth. Thanks for bringing it here.