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  1. ELV Dimmer

    I bought the Leviton DZ6HD z wave dimmer switch which is rated for LEDs and I have the neutral wire,  but the lights buzzed badly. I tried all 3 settings, incandescent, LED and CFL, all the same deal. Otherwise the switch connected and worked fine.  Does anyone know a good Zwave (or other) ELV type dimmer switch.  I have the Pixi flat panel led lights, 6 in parallel 24 watts each.  Lots of switches out there but when you read the comments many have the buzzing or flickering problem.  The Lutron looks pretty good but I need another bridge.  There is a kit, nicely priced at $75 which includes the bridge and dimmer and an extra remote dimmer but it is not clear that this is the best version for LEDs.  It also does not remember it last setting when turned on which is annoying but I can live with.  They have another model for $80, switch only,  that would likely do the trick, and has a "favorite" button but I am still at nearly $160 once I also buy the bridge.  Thats a lot for my one light I need to do.  Wondering if anyone has any recommendations?    TIA,  Steve.  
  2. I bought a in Wall Smart Switch and a dimmer switch as well from Lowes. I connected them to my IRIS controller and they were working fine for a few weeks but can no longer connect to the controller. I searched the internet to find 2 different options to reset the switches but neither worked. The first was to turn it on and off 3 times and the second was to hold the top of the switch in for 10 seconds. I have powered off the controller for a few minutes before powering it back on but that did not help either. The night the switches stopped working they seemed to sporadically connect. I was trying various things through the IRIS app and then a couple hours later when I went to sleep the lights would turn on and off while I was trying to sleep. How can I reset these switches or is there a better method to reconnect these switches to the IRIS controller if when this happens?