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  1. Help me board!!!!!My x10 devices are dieing, so its time to replace the system... but what with.  It would appear that z-wave is the way to go?  Yes?Currently I have....1) A X10 SC28X/SC9000 security control system (not connected to phone line) by Marmiteck2) Several PIR connected to the SC9000 3) 3 door entry dectors4) 5 or 6 x10 plug control systems5) 2 or 3 AW12 micro switch modules for light switch controls6) A CMU12 connected to a home server running a custom (Visual Studio) bit of software which connects the whole lot together, does house automation, connects to Alexa for voice controlBut - the alarm key fobs are all going faulty, the SC9000 screen is dieing, Neither can be replaced because they are no longer produced, and I fear my love/gate relationship with X10 is finally at an end.So.... what system is out there that I can replace that lot with?   What is the flavour of the month here in the UK, which will cover the alarm system, device automation, light automation, and I can write my own software for to automate the whole lot?And if its more reliable than X10, that would be good as well.Advice would be appreciated! As I understand it, its all about the hub?   But, which one do I need - there is a major range of prices out there - not sure if they will do what I need, or can I code them using the existing firmware, or do I have to code them myself to do what I need? So typical things my home automation does (which I would like to replicate)... 1) Say to Alexa "We are going to bed now" and it turns off 5 devices downstairs 2) Set a mode to holiday mode - and it randomly turns on or off 3 or 4 lights between a set time range 3) If the alarm is set or unset, it sends me an email 4) If a door is opened, it chimes 5) If nobody is in the lounge at night (for a few hours), then it powers down downstairs 6) 2 or 3 lights come on at sunset - currently set by a table of hard coded sundown times by day of the year 7) Where sundown is before 5pm, then it turns on the outside light at 5:30pm Powers down the house (all devices) after 10pm and powers them all up at 8am (depending on the day of the week) For my x10 setup, I did this using some Visual Studio c# code- do I need to do the same with v-wave, or will v-wave hub software allow me to do all of this? Thanks for any advice.