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Aeon labs SEM question

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I am working on getting my AEON Labs Smart Energy Meter v1 working. I noticed in Gary's writeup that he put the clamps on the main power lines opposite from each other.  No where in the directions that came with the device does it discuss the correct orientation of the CT Clamps.  Arrows on the clamps would have made it easier to determine the correct orientation when installing the clamps.

When I added the device to my VeraEdge, three devices were added.  One main device which monitored the battery status and monitored the combined measurements from the two probes.  The other two devices monitored each CT Clamp independently.  I noticed that the numbers do not add up. It seems like this should not matter. The device is not measuring positive or negative current flow, just an absolute value then using the voltage(assumed fixed value that can be changed) to calculate the KW.

I checked to see how I have my probes installed.  I have them installed the same direction on each of the main hot feeds coming into my panel.  So, I have reversed one of them to see if that makes the numbers add up.  I will give it a bit logging the data and will report back when it has had some time to sample some data.


Any thoughts on this.  I looked at several of the forums and they seem to indicate that if the numbers do not add up, switch the direction of one of the probes.



Flopping one of the clamps made no difference.  However, it is just the instantaneous Watts reading that does not add up.  The KWH reading adds up perfectly.

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