single room heating & climate sensors

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since about 1 year I'm creating an application based on OpenZWave library to manage room temperaturs.

The application is running on a RasPi like embedded system with web frontend. I'm using the following devices:

  • Qubino PWM and on/off thermostat
  • UZB1 stick
  • Philio PAN04 or PAN06 as repeater
  • Secure SES303 and SES302 to measure climate data
  • and some more for testing 

Idea is:

  • Planning events in the rooms with Google calendar
  • Heat the rooms before the events begin to have it on-time at right temperature (this is an automatic learning algorithm) 
  • monitor all temperatures over years to be able to adjust and improve settemps
  • support radiators (usually driven by water at about 70°C) and underfloor heating (by about 30°C)
  • measure electric power consumption
  • remote access to the web-frontend
  • reduce energy costs
  • Tages-Lastgang.thumb.png.a01387bf455157aERRUebersichtLeerOH.png.78328c2aa08081e8


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