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Hey folks, I hope this forum isn't dead.  I'm new to this technology and hoping for some ideas how to fix the problem.

I recently moved into an apartment complex with about 60 units.  Each unit has an identical 2gig CT-100 z-wave thermostat.

After a few nights of hearing the sound of an AC compressor humming away even though the weather is still fairly cool, I decided to see if it was mine.  I tripped the AC breaker and the noise stopped.  Checking the thermostat shows that it's still on heat mode from the winter.  The ventilation blower wasn't running, just the compressor for no apparent reason.  I left the breaker off for the night.

I informed the property maintenance.  When the handyman was over, I turned the breaker back on to demonstrate the problem and the compressor kicked on again.  He replaced the thermostat with another identical one.  The next night the compressor was running again for no reason.  I turned off the breaker and let maintenance know the problem was still there.  They have been up twice since then but it turns out to be an intermittent problem and won't do it while the handyman is here.  Last time he pushed the reset button and said that was all he knows how to do.

After researching the Z-wave technology, it seems the node ID only has 256 possibilities.  I'm thinking that the thermostat in another unit has the same network ID and node ID.  With 60 CT-100's in close proximity, they might be forming a network together and using the default setting that the handyman does not know how to change.

Questions:  Is there a way to turn off the radio since I don't use a controller?  Is there a way to change the network and/or node ID's from the thermostat itself?  Do I need to buy a controller just to solve this problem?

Thank you!

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For proper information on ac unit installation and repair you must read the user guide for repairing ac unit. There everything has been mentioned about how to install the ac unit and how to repair the air conditioning unit.

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