operating central heating from a zwave switch

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Hello all,

I am new in this z-wave/home-automation world, so I don't know much about it. I would like to turn on/off my central heating - much like a thermostat would do - but the decision would be mine based on multiple factors, like the temperature in each room, if a window is opened or not, etc.The central is a fairly new one and its current thermostat is controlling it by 2-wire (24V) system.

So, my question is - where can I find this kind of switch? I found a fibaro, but it looks like it is discontinued. All others seems to be very confusing. I was thinking also on a Qubino Flush & Cool thermostat - but I am afraid I cannot control it from outside. 

Can someone with some experience in this domain advise me please? If you feel I haven't provided much information, please let me know what I need to look into it and I will.

Thank you!





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